Annual Report

2015 Foundation Annual Report

Dear Friends of the Hawkeye Community College Foundation,

On behalf of the Hawkeye Community College Foundation and the students, faculty, and staff of Hawkeye Community College, THANK YOU for your ongoing support of education.

Not long ago, a scholarship recipient sought me out at a community event, and with tears of gratitude she said the most heartfelt thank you I have ever heard. She recounted her desperate attempts to find employment before earning her high school equivalency diploma through the Hawkeye Community College Metro Center. It was there she discovered her ability, but still waivered in her confidence. With the urging of staff members from the Metro Center, she made the commitment to earn her associate degree at Hawkeye Community College and graduated in May 2014. She will finish her bachelor’s degree at a local university in May 2016 and she is already looking at master’s programs.

While I was very impressed with her academic accomplishments, it was what she said next that was most important, “Without Hawkeye Community College, I would never have believed in myself. The scholarship that was given to me was an opportunity. Thank you for everything you did to help me.” She continued, “There are more people like me in our community. They have so much potential, but we have to find a way to help them see what is possible!”

Our staff and board members have the privilege to hear these stories firsthand, but the real heroes for our students are our donors. You are providing access to a high quality, life-changing education. We see new opportunities to help students each day, and through your continued generosity, we are able to help more students each year.

The opportunities to support the college are endless and range from providing scholarships to program funding and faculty development funds. We hope you find inspiration and validation in the stories of this report. These are lives that are impacted because you have helped them to see what is possible!

 Holly M. Johnson
Executive Director
Hawkeye Community College Foundation

Download the complete 2015 Foundation Annual report [pdf].

Foundation Assets
 Endowment Funds $3,187,039 45%
 Scholarship, Department,
and Activity Funds
$2,405,049 34%
 Unrestricted Funds $1,326,250 19%
 Loan Funds $174,414 2%
Total Assets $7,092,752 100%


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