Public Safety

Parking and Traffic Rules

Hawkeye has adopted parking and traffic rules in order to:

  • maximize safety
  • ensure access for emergency vehicles
  • provide the best use of available parking for all students, employees, and visitors
  • protect pedestrians.

Parking on campus is a privilege, not a necessity. Questions should be directed to the Public Safety office.


  • Students: all people in class, credit or non-credit, or those involved in a Hawkeye-sanctioned activity.

  • Motor Vehicle: self-propelled vehicles including motorcycles.

Parking Permits

  • Students must request a parking permit from the Business Office.

  • Students must fill out a motor vehicle declaration card when they enroll; a parking permit will then be issued.

  • Employees must request a parking permit from Human Resource Services on their first day of employment.

  • A temporary parking permit for special needs may be obtained in the Public Safety office. A doctor’s statement detailing temporary need will be required.

  • Visitors on campus for more than a day must obtain a temporary permit from the Public Safety office.

  • Loading zones and service entrances are restricted areas. Special permits for these areas may be obtained in the Public Safety office.

  • Failure to properly display a parking permit may result in a Public Safety-issued citation.

  • Parking permits are valid only when displayed properly, either in the lower right-hand corner of the back window when viewed from the rear of the vehicle or hanging from the rearview mirror. A motorcycle parking permit must be on the rear fender or gas tank.

Traffic Rules

  • Students, employees, and visitors are expected to know and obey all state, county, and campus rules.

  • Drivers will be expected to observe and obey posted signs and signals.

  • The maximum speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour. Drivers must adjust to pedestrian traffic and driving conditions. Anyone driving at excessive speed or driving recklessly will be reported to the local law enforcement agency.

  • Operation of a motor vehicle on sidewalks or grass is prohibited, except for Hawkeye-owned service and patrol vehicles.

  • When traffic is being directed by a Public Safety officer, vehicles and pedestrians will obey their signals. Pedestrians must use designated crosswalks.

  • In the event of an accident of any kind on campus, Public Safety and/or the local law enforcement agency must be notified immediately.

Parking Rules

  • Parking on campus is available for vehicles with valid parking permits.

  • Parking shall only be in areas marked as parking spaces.

  • Two-hour parking is available to visitors. Students and employees are not allowed to park in visitor parking.

  • Accessible parking for persons with disabilities is available to persons with a properly displayed permit issued by state or county health departments or a medical practitioner. Having a permit does not guarantee an accessible parking space will be available. See the Accessible Parking Map [pdf]

  • Cars must be parked so that no part of the car extends beyond the boundary lines of the parking spaces.

  • Only head-in parking is permitted.

  • Double parking is not permitted.

  • In addition to designated parking spaces for vehicles, motorcycles may be parked in the yellow zones at the end of parking lots.

  • Parked vehicles must not obstruct vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

  • All vehicles left on campus overnight must be parked in the overnight parking area on the west side of Lot I, north of Tama Hall.

Violations and Fees

Student or employee violators of any parking or traffic rules will receive a citation requiring payment of fees. Fees must be paid in the Business Office.

Accessible parking violation $200
No parking permit $5
Improper display or use of permit $5
Illegally parked in lot $10
Parked in restricted area $20
Violation of other regulation $10
  •  Students with unpaid fees will not be permitted to re-enroll, graduate, or transfer records.

  • Parking violations will be the responsibility of the student or employee for whom the parking permit was issued, even if the vehicle is not in their possession at the time of the violation.

  • Hawkeye reserves the right to revoke the privilege of operating a vehicle on campus property.

  • Vehicles may be removed from campus property. Reasons for vehicle removal may include but are not limited to:

    • violating parking rules
    • causing safety hazards
    • parking on lawns or in drives
    • blocking access to buildings and loading areas
    • parking for more than 24 hours without being moved
    If a vehicle is tagged for removal, reasonable attempts will be made to inform the owner of the intent to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.


  • Parking citations may be appealed. Appeal forms are available in the Public Safety office and the Business Office.

  • Completed appeal forms must be submitted to the Public Safety office or the Business Office.

  • Appellants will be contacted by the Public Safety Manager or the Vice President of Administration and Finance to process the appeal.


  • Public Safety identification cards issued by Hawkeye will be presented to students or employees upon request.

  • Student or employee identification cards issued by Hawkeye will be presented to Public Safety upon request.

  • A valid driver’s license or other valid document from the Iowa Department of Transportation is required to operate a motor vehicle on campus and must be presented to Public Safety upon request.

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