Online Courses

Online Courses

Whether you are looking to complete your undergraduate degree or to take a few online courses to supplement your existing knowledge, online learning can give you the flexibility you need.

Hawkeye offers a variety of general education transfer courses online. You can take many of your general education courses and apply them to your degree here at Hawkeye or transfer them to another college or university.

Most of our online courses carry three or four semester hours of credit that may be applied to your program of study or degree at Hawkeye. These credits may also be transferred to other colleges and universities if you choose to pursue a higher degree.

In many ways online courses are like traditional classes. You will have reading, study topics, group discussions, and assignments to complete. You will also have exams, receive a grade, and receive credits for successfully completing the course. Some courses may require you to attend on-campus exams and orientations.

Our online courses typically follow the time-frame of a normal semester and are not self-paced. You will have weekly assignments and discussion requirements. However, our online courses allow flexibility for you to complete your weekly work – anytime, day or night!

Benefits of Online Courses

Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of attending classes online:

  1. You are able to study when it is convenient for you (no need to change your work schedule).

  2. You may be able to accelerate your timeline for finishing a degree.

  3. You will be interacting with a variety of people from a variety of locations!

Juggling work, school, and family commitments is hard enough. Why add to that a commute and a struggle to find a parking spot? If you are an independent learner, have good time management and organization skills, then online learning may be the perfect solution for you. One thing online courses is NOT is easier! Although there are many benefits of attending classes online, there are also several considerations that you should think about before taking online classes. Is Online Learning right for you?

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