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James Rodgers

Professor of Psychology       

Social Sciences

Black Hawk Hall 116

1501 East Orange Rd

PO Box 8015

Waterloo, IA 50704-8015

319-296-2329 x1737

cell phone: 319) 529-8839



Office:  Black Hawk Hall 116

office hours: contact via email or voice mail at (319) 296-2329 ext. 1737 or by coming in.

Office Hours – Spring 2017

Monday - Wednesday -  12-1      Tuesday, Thursday  9:30-10:30    Friday 9-10

Spring 2017

Teaching PSY 241 (Abnormal Psychology), PSY 102 Web (Human and Work Relations), PEC 115  Web (Athletic and Human Development),  PSY 111 (Introduction to Psychology)(multiple sections) and PSY 121 (Developmental Psychology).

Courses I Teach (both in-person and web/online/hybrid)

Psy 111 Introduction to Psychology– This course provides an introduction to the study of behavior with emphasis in the areas of learning, cognition, motivation, personality, behavioral disorder, therapy, and social influence. An understanding of the impact of both theoretical perspectives and experimental evidence on the formulation of the science of human behavior is also stressed. Psychological theories and principles are utilized to explain and predict behavior.

Psy 121  Developmental PsychologyThis course presents a life span, developmental approach to the study of the developing person that identifies the behavioral dynamics of the physical, cognitive, social, and affective domains of development with a view to the impact of family, school, and community

Psy 241  Abnormal PsychologyThis course is a survey of the major classifications of psychological disorders. Emphasis will be on theoretical perspectives, descriptions of disorders, and therapeutic approaches. Pre-requisites: PSY111 Introduction to Psychology

Psy 102 Human and Work Relations.     Human relations is the study of self and social behavior.  Emphasis is placed on the understanding and application of social science theories and research for the development of effective interpersonal and organizational relationships.

 PEC 115  Athletic Dev. & Human Growth
  This is one of the four courses required to receive a coaching authorization or endorsement. This course will connect the participants to the basic concepts of growth and development of students in the 5th through 12th grade who would participate in school sponsored athletics. By the end of this course, participants should be able to explain how and when physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development occurs and how this development affects learning, behavior and performance. Taking responsibility for their own learning, participants should be able to plan for an effective and meaningful athletic experience for the adolescent that is supported by informed decision-making.

Teaching  Spring 2017:  Psy 241, Psy 121, Psy 111,  Psy 102.   PEC 115     In-person, online, hybrid.   

About me

I have taught at HCC since 1998.   I have previously taught college at:  West Virginia State, Lewis University, The Defiance College, University of Toledo (Ohio), and Iowa Wesleyan College.

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