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Art Academy

Are you creative and artistic? The Art Academy gives you a chance to explore a career in graphic design, video production, and photography while earning college credit before you graduate from high school!

This academy will give you hands-on experience in drawing, page layout, web design, desktop publishing, and photography.

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 14% increase in need for multi-media specialists. With shrinking company budgets and advancement in technology, production, and delivery of all types of media, employers are looking to hire individuals with digital communications training.

Starting wages are estimated at $25,000 - $39,500 per year according to Iowa Workforce Development.

Your career opportunities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Art director
  • Digital marketing or multimedia specialist
  • Graphic artist
  • Illustrator
  • Video producer
  • Photographer
  • And more!

Program Costs

  • Your school district pays for your courses and provides the textbooks.
  • You are responsible for any field trips and activities out of the classroom.

Who can participate?

Any 9th-12th grade student who meets the requirements.

What can you do after you graduate from high school?

If you complete the Art Academy, you will receive up to 28 credits (approximately a $4,000 value) toward your college degree!

You can continue your education at Hawkeye in programs such as:

Where are courses located?

Courses for the Art Academy are located at your high school.

Course locations may vary; contact your guidance counselor for availability.

General Education course

Art Academy Courses

GRA105 Drawing and Composition

4 credits—This course introduces the student to a variety of art-making materials and media, provides a broad range of drawing experiences designed to expand the student's artistic perception, and enhances the student's ability to develop appropriate art-based solutions to common graphic design problems.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 64

GRA133 Desktop Publishing

4 credits—This course introduces the student to computer generated layout and design production skills using electronic publishing software. Emphasis is a "hands-on" introduction to the leading page-layout application program utilized in the graphic communications industry.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 64

GRA150 Introduction to Web Design

3 credits—This course introduces students to the fundamentals of Website design and development. Emphasis is placed on designing cross-browser compatible interfaces and standards compliant Websites. Domain registration, Website hosting, search engine optimization, accessibility, usability, and interoperability will be discussed.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 32

MMS103 Basic Digital Photography

3 credits—An introduction to DSLR camera operation, including exposure control and modes, focus techniques, and white balance. Artistic issues like framing, camera angle, use of color and composition will be addressed as well. Students will produce final images using industry standard software. Students must furnish an approved DSLR camera.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 32

MMS111 Video Production I

3 credits—This course will provide an introduction to the basics of video production, camera handling, digital exposure, and workflow. Emphasis is on how to handle image workflow to produce a professional video output.

Lecture Hours: 32 Lab Hours: 32



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