Human Resource Management

Accelerated Evening Courses

Wondering how you're going to add taking classes on top of your already busy schedule? Through Hawkeye's Accelerated program, designed for working adults, you take one class at a time, attend class one night a week for five weeks, and complete additional coursework at home and online at any time of the day (or night) – making fitting classes in your schedule possible and manageable.

Earn a Degree or Just Take the Classes You Need

You have many options to advance your career! Mix and match to put together the coursework you need to help you succeed on the job.

Year 1
Block 1 MGT170 Human Resource Management 3
Block 2 MGT178 Employment Law 3
Block 3 MGT190 Employee Compensation and Benefits Management 3
Block 4 BUS102 Introduction to Business 3
Block 5 MGT174 Training and Employee Development 3
Block 6 ECN120 Principles of Macroeconomics * 3
Block 7 ECN130 Principles of Microeconomics * 3
Block 8 MGT101 Principles of Management 3

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Total Credits 24
* Elective course
Year 2
Block 1 MKT110 Principles of Marketing * 3
Block 2 & 3 ACC131 Principles of Accounting I 4
Block 4 CSC110 Introduction to Computers 3
Block 5 BUS180 Business Ethics 3
Block 6 BCA201 Introduction to Information Systems ** 3
Block 7 & 8 ENG105 Composition I * 3

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Total Credits 19
* Elective course
** Additional Upper Iowa University transfer course option
Year 3
Block 1 PSY111 Introduction to Psychology 3
Block 2 MGT142 Problems and Issues in Supervision and Management 3
Block 3 SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3
Block 4 MAT156 Statistics 3
Block 5 MGT177 Staffing 3
Block 6 MGT180 Management and Labor Relations 3
Block 7 BUS903 Business Field Experience *** 3
Block 8 BUS183 Business Law 3

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Total Credits 24
*** Course taken in the summer. Internship hours only; no face-to-face class required.

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