Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology Courses

Award: Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
Required number of credits: 80
Enrollment Status: Full-time or part-time
Program Start: Fall, Spring

The Medical Laboratory Technology program requires a mix of general education and hands-on courses. The following list of courses is the suggested sequence of study for a full-time student.

Part-time students, visit with a program advisor for a modified sequence of study.

When registering for classes refer to your Program Evaluation to see your specific program requirements and ensure proper registration.

Required Background Screenings to Participate in Clinicals

As a student in a health program at Hawkeye Community College you will be required to complete:

  • a criminal background check,
  • sex offender registry,
  • child abuse registry, and
  • dependent adult registry.

The outcome could possibly affect your opportunities to participate in the clinical setting.

Program Notes

  • Students must achieve a minimum "C" grade in all courses required to complete the program.

  • Applicants meeting the general admission requirements may take the courses below marked with an asterisk (*) prior to full acceptance to the Medical Laboratory Technology program.

2016–2017 Suggested Sequence of Study and Course Cost

Courses and course cost calculations are subject to change.

Semester 1 – Fall
BIO163 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology 4 $674.00
CHM122 Introduction to General Chemistry 4 $674.00
MLT101 Introduction to Lab Science * 2 $397.00
MLT103 Lab Mathematics * 3 $505.50
PSY111 Introduction to Psychology -OR- 3 $505.50
SOC110 Introduction to Sociology 3 $505.50
SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3 $505.50

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Total Credits 19
Semester 2 – Spring
BIO113 General Biology II -OR- 4 $674.00
CHM132 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry 4 $674.00
BIO185 Microbiology w/Lab 3 $505.50
ENG105 Composition I 3 $505.50
HSC113 Medical Terminology * 2 $337.00
MLT120 Urinalysis * 3 $570.50

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Total Credits 15
Semester 3 – Summer
MLT110 Fundamental Lab Techniques * 3 $540.50
MLT130 Hematology * 3 $555.50
MLT250 Clinical Microbiology 4 $709.00

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Total Credits 10
Semester 4 – Fall
MLT230 Advanced Hematology * 3 $555.50
MLT233 Hemostasis and Thrombosis 2 $337.00
MLT240 Clinical Chemistry I 7 $1214.50
MLT252 Parasitology * 1 $168.50
MLT260 Immunohematology 4 $709.00
MLT270 Immunology and Serology 2 $337.00

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Total Credits 19
Semester 5 – Spring
MLT285 Clinical Practicum: Chemistry 4 $709.00
MLT287 Clinical Practicum: Hematology 4 $674.00
MLT288 Clinical Practicum: Microbiology 4 $774.00

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Total Credits 12
Semester 6 – Summer
MLT283 Clinical Practicum: Urinalysis 1 $168.50
MLT284 Clinical Practicum: Immunohematology 2 $337.00
MLT286 Clinical Practicum: Immunology and Serology 1 $168.50
MLT291 Lab Survey and Review 1 $233.50

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Total Credits 5

Course Cost Calculation:
2016–2017 resident tuition and fees x course credits + course fee if applicable.

The course cost calculation does not include:

Program Contacts

Department Secretary

Linda Butler
Grundy Hall 135
Email me

Program Advisor

Amy Kapanka
Cedar Falls Center 101F
319-296-2329 ext.1357
Email me


Gene Leutzinger
Grundy Hall 173
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