Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing Admission Requirements

Admission into the Practical Nursing Program is a three step process. Applicants must complete each step for full admittance into the program.

Step 1—Basic Skill Competencies Requirements

Option 1

Score at least the following scores on any combination of the below assessment options:

ACT sub scores COMPASS scores ASSET scores ACCUPLACER scores
19 - Reading
19 - English
19 - Math
82 - Reading
65 - Writing
42 - Algebra
38 - Reading
40 - Writing
40 - Elementary Algebra
90 - Reading
98 - Sentence Skills
103 - Arithmetic OR
97 - Elementary Algebra
AND completion of one year of high school biology or equivalent with a grade of "C" or higher in each semester.

Applicants can take the ACT assessment or the COMPASS assessment at Hawkeye. Pre-registration is required.

Option 2

Complete all of the following college success courses with a "C" grade or higher at Hawkeye Community College or comparable courses at another accredited college:

  • ENG061 College Preparatory Writing II
  • RDG040 College Preparatory Reading III
  • MAT063 Elementary Algebra
  • BIO042 Prep. Science for Health Careers

Option 3

Any combination of the above fulfilling the basic skills requirements of algebra, reading, writing, and biology.

Step 2—Complete TEAS Test

Complete the Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) with a composite score of 64% or higher.

Applicants are not allowed to retake the TEAS once a minimum composite score of 64% is achieved.

A fee is assessed at Hawkeye for the TEAS test.

Prepare for a successful TEAS V test.

Step 3—Practical Nursing Point System

Upon completion of Steps 1 and 2, applicants are placed on the Eligible for Acceptance list. Applicants will be prioritized on the list based on the total number of points awarded. Applicants with the highest points will be given priority admission to the program.

Practical Nursing Point System Criteria Points Awarded
ACT Composite of 22 or higher 2
ACT Composite of 19-21 1
High School Cumulative GPA 3.50 or higher 3
High School Cumulative GPA 3.00 – 3.49 2
High School Cumulative GPA 2.50 – 2.99,
GED or HiSET test passing rate,
High School Cumulative GPA from a grading scale other than 4.00
High School Cumulative GPA 2.49 or below 0
Master of Arts or Master of Science Degree OR 3
Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree OR 2
Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree 1
Complete ALL of the following general education courses:
  • BIO159 Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology OR
    BIO168 Human Anatomy & Physiology I AND BIO173 Human Anatomy & Physiology II

  • PSY111 Introduction to Psychology

  • COM781 Written Comm. in the Workplace OR
    ENG105 Composition I

Cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher for above general education courses 3
Cumulative GPA between 3.00 – 3.49 for above general education courses 2
AND, if applicant has never repeated any of the above general education courses 1

Complete both of the following courses with a grade of “C” or higher and has not repeated either course:

  • PNN270 Intro. to Nutrition OR
    BIO151 Nutrition


  • PNN343 Nursing Perspectives Through the Lifespan OR
    PSY121 Developmental Psychology


Admissions Process

  1. Apply for admission.

  2. Completed applicant files (we have your application, transcripts, and test scores) will be processed as follows:
    1. Applicants not meeting the program's admission requirements will be sent an admissions inactivation letter.

    2. Applicants enrolled in coursework to complete Option II or combination of I and II, in Step 1 will become candidates.

    3.  Upon completion of Step 1 and Step 2, applicants will be placed on the Eligible for Acceptance list. Placement on the list is determined by the highest point total earned from the Nursing criteria.

  3. We accept approximately 64 applicants each Fall and Spring Semester.

  4. If necessary, alternates will be contacted to fill unconfirmed positions in the program. Alternates will be given priority for the next term.

Hawkeye's Equal Opportunity Statement

Program Contacts

Department Secretary

Linda Butler
Grundy Hall 159
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Program Advisor

Valerie Millsap
Grundy Hall 158
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Candace Croft
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