Nursing: Practical Nursing (LPN)

Practical Nursing Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for the Nursing program, students must provide the Admissions office with the appropriate documentation showing completion of all requirements. Appropriate documentation consists of:

  • Updated assessment scores. -AND/OR-
  • A transcript or degree audit showing successful completion of course requirements (i.e. developmental coursework).

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Monitor his/her progress towards meeting admissions requirements,
  • Notify the Admissions office when requirements have been met, and
  • Provide the Admissions office evidence of meeting the requirements.

Step #1: Placement through appropriate assessment scores or completion of success courses

In order to be eligible for the Nursing program, all students must meet minimum score requirements and/or complete required success courses. Success course credits do not apply towards graduation or the AAS degree.

Students must meet the minimum assessment score of the ACT, ACCUPLACER, or COMPASS assessment or have completed the required success course in each math, English, and reading.

Math 19 85 Elementary Algebra 42 Algebra MAT-063 Elementary Algebra
English 19 82 Sentence Skills -OR-
06 Essay
65 ENG-061 College Preparatory Writing II
Reading 19 76 82 RDG-040 College Preparatory Reading III

Step #2: Prerequisite Coursework

All students must successfully complete the program prerequisite courses, including two semesters of high school chemistry or CHM122 Introduction to General Chemistry with a grade of C or higher. See the suggested sequence of study for a list of pre-requisite courses and required minimum grades.

Step #3: TEAS Exam

All Hawkeye Community College nursing applicants must successfully pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Exam with a composite score of 64% or higher. This exam must be taken at Hawkeye Community College and students will have a maximum of five attempts at the exam.

Step #4: Eligible for Acceptance

Applicants who meet the program admission requirements for entrance into the nursing program will be placed on the Eligible for Acceptance list. Placement on the list is determined by the GPA attained from the pre-requisite courses, with the highest GPA being at the top. If more than one applicant shares the same GPA, the second criteria used will be a file completion date, which is the date the applicant registered for their last prerequisite course or provided documentation of all required courses being met from another accredited institution.

Step #5: Acceptance to program or additional semester of general education

Eligible applicants are reviewed each October for spring acceptance and March for fall acceptance. Applicants will be notified of program acceptance after those initial review periods.

Accepted students will complete a nursing program orientation session where they will register for program courses.

Some students may prefer to delay acceptance to the program and continue taking additional general education courses prior to their program start date. See the courses marked as Gen Ed on the suggested sequence of study.

Accepted students must be Healthcare Provider CPR certified and have a physical exam on Hawkeye Community College format prior to the first day of clinical course work.

Program Contacts

Department Secretary

Linda Butler
Grundy Hall 135
Email me

Student Success Specialist: Pre-Health

Kay Wenzel
Grundy Hall 285
319-296-2329 ext.1063
Email me

Student Success Specialist: Health Science

Vic Palmer
Grundy Hall 140
319-296-2329 ext.1481
Email me

Pre-Health Advisor

Heidi Hudson
Hawkeye Center 208
319-296-2329 ext.1079
Email me

Program Chair

Shawn Buhrow
Grundy Hall 173
Email me


Gene Leutzinger
Grundy Hall 135
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