CNC Machining and Tool-Making Technology

CNC Machining and Tool-Making Technology Admission Requirements

Basic Skill Competencies Requirements

Option 1

Score at least the following scores on any combination of the below assessment options:

ACT sub scores COMPASS scores ASSET scores ACCUPLACER scores
14 - Math
16 - Reading
13 - English
24 - Pre-Algebra
69 - Reading
20 - Writing
38 - Numerical
34 - Reading
31 - Writing
40 - Arithmetic
62 - Reading
48 - Sentence Skills

Applicants can take the ACT assessment or the COMPASS assessment at Hawkeye. Pre-registration is required.

Option 2

Complete all of the following college success courses with a "C" grade or higher at Hawkeye Community College or comparable courses at another accredited college:

  1. MAT045 Fundamentals of Math
  2. RDG-039 College Preparatory Reading II
  3. Review in Writing at Metro Campus

Option 3

Any combination of the above fulfilling the basic skills requirements of algebra, reading, and writing.

Admissions Process

  1. Apply for admission.

  2. Completed applicant files (we have your application, transcripts, and test scores) will be processed as follows:
    1. Applicants not meeting the program's admission requirements will be sent an admissions inactivation letter.

    2. Applicants who meet the program's admission requirements will be accepted.

  3. We accept approximately 60 students and 20 alternates each Fall Semester. Applicants will be accepted based on the date of their completed applicant file. If many students share the same date for completing their applicant file, the application date will be used to prioritize acceptance.

  4. If necessary, alternates will be contacted to fill unconfirmed positions in the program. Alternates will be given priority for the next term.

Hawkeye's Equal Opportunity Statement

Program Contacts

Department Secretary

Kendra Wyatt-Koger
Buchanan Hall 128
Email me

Program Advisors

Keith Siers
Buchanan Hall 153E
Email me

Jamie Dettmer
Buchanan Hall 128
319-296-2329 ext.1430
Email me

Brent Blythe
Buchanan Hall 153A
319-296-2329 ext.1391
Email me


Dave Grunklee
Butler Hall 131A
Email me

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