Tyson Machine Maintenance

Tuition and Fees


The total cost of this program is $6600.

Paying for Tuition

The Tyson Machine Maintenance program is not eligible for financial aid.

Forgivable Loan Program

If selected for the Tyson Machine Maintenance program, you will receive a Tyson Forgivable Loan through the Hawkeye Foundation. The loan is used to cover a $1320 portion of your program. After completion of your program and employment with Tyson for two years, your loan will be forgiven.

Your Portion or Payroll Deduction

You are responsible for $1320 of the program cost out of pocket. If your are employed with Tyson through a part-time internship, Tyson will loan this amount to you and will deduct repayment through payroll deduction.

If you are not employed by Tyson, you are responsible for these costs.

Accelerated Career Education (ACE) Program

The Tyson Machine Maintenance program is an Accelerated Career Education (ACE) program. The remaining cost of $3960 is funded through this career program.


Program Contacts

Tyson Fresh Meats Inc.

Roger Jones
Training Supervisor
Email me

Industrial Consultant / Trainer

Jere Wheatley
319-296-2329 ext.3008
Email me