Truck Driving and Transportation Training

Truck Driving and Transportation Training – 16-Week Certificate Course Descriptions

Award: Certificate
Academic Year: 2015–2016

Semester 1

TDT100 Interpersonal Relations

2 credits—This course covers personal health and safety, public and employer relations and stress management on the job in a new career. Also included in the course are written communication and oral communication skills. Instruction is provided in employment seeking skills, resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, letters of application, personal record keeping, and desirable work attitude.

Lecture Hours: 32

2015–2016 Course Cost: $319.00

TDT115 Trans Industry and Driver Regulations

4 credits—This course is an introduction to the surface transportation network and the trucking industry. Employment opportunities, company and driver regulations by the Department of Transportation and other Federal and State agencies will be covered.

Lecture Hours: 64

2015–2016 Course Cost: $906.00

TDT118 Driving Range I

6 credits—This course provides students with opportunities for hands-on experience in basic maneuvers using simulators, trucks and trailers. Proper techniques are taught in engine starting and shut down, clutching, shifting, cornering, and backing. Emphasis is given to proper safety and technical practices. Emergency and evasive driving techniques will be practiced in simulation exercises as well as in skid control vehicles.

Lecture Hours: 48

Prerequisite(s): TDT115

2015–2016 Course Cost: $1746.00

TDT121 Driving Range II

2 credits—This course provides students with opportunities for additional behind the wheel training in operating trucks in rural and city traffic. Included in the course are experiences in pulling loaded trailers in city, rural areas, and backing in industrial areas. Emphasis is placed on defensive driving and proper technical practices.

Lecture Hours: 16

Prerequisite(s): TDT118

2015–2016 Course Cost: $835.00

TDT122 Driving Range III

2 credits—This course prepares students with skills and knowledge in managing emergencies, accidents, first aid, CPR, and D.O.T. regulations on hauling hazardous materials. Instruction is provided in night inspections, city and rural driving at night. Students will prepare for a Class A Commercial Drivers License with all endorsements.

Lecture Hours: 16

Prerequisite(s): TST121

2015–2016 Course Cost: $746.00

TDT938 Truck Transportation On-the-Job Training

3 credits—Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience in the Motor Carrier industry. Students will learn the responsibilities of driving, cargo handling, vehicle maintenance, safety department, and dispatch of equipment to customers. Students will have an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the transportation field. Coordination and guidance will be provided by instructors.

Co-op Hours: 192

Prerequisite(s): TDT100, TDT115, TDT118, TDT121, and TDT122

2015–2016 Course Cost: $478.50

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