Liberal Arts AA and AS Degrees

Liberal Arts – AA Degree Requirements

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Award: Associate of Arts (AA)
Program Start: Fall, Spring, Summer
Enrollment Status: Full-time or part-time

Flexible Scheduling

We know you're busy balancing family and work responsibilities. That's why we've created flexible course options to help you fit your education into the mix.

Students can complete the Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts entirely online, in the evening, during the day, or with a combination of online, evening, daytime, and hybrid courses (courses that meet partially face to face and partially online).

You can also arrange your schedule with courses with varying start dates and course lengths so you can focus on fewer classes at one time while completing the same number of credits per semester.

The courses listed below are marked to show you at a glance some of the different formats the course may be offered, however, course offerings change semester by semester. Search My Hawkeye for specific course offerings.

O = Online E = Evening A = Accelerated
Courses that meet 100% online. Courses that meet face to face after 5:00pm.

Courses that meet face to face after 5:00pm and partially online in an accelerated 5-week or 10-week format designed for working adults.

It's recommended that students in accelerated courses take only one course at a time due to the intensity of the course format.

View the accelerated course schedule.

Planning Your Class Schedule

Students should work with a Hawkeye program advisor to select courses, make a transfer plan, and review their progress.

You are also encouraged to contact the admissions office at the college to which you plan to transfer during your first year at Hawkeye in order to obtain specific program and transfer requirements.

I. Natural Science and Mathematics10 credits (minimum)
Requires one course each from A, B, and C, including one 4-hour science laboratory course. Total of 7 hours from A and B.

A. Biological Sciences 3-4 credits (minimum)

BIO105 Introductory Biology E 4
BIO112 General Biology I 4
BIO113 General Biology II 4
BIO154 Human Biology O E A 3
BIO163 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology E 4
BIO168 Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab E 4
BIO185 Microbiology with lab E 3
CNS121 Environmental Conservation *** O 3

B. Physical Sciences 3-4 credits (minimum)

CHM122 Introduction to General Chemistry E 4
CHM165 General Chemistry I (P) 4
ENV115 Environmental Science *** O E A 3
ENV116 Environmental Science Lab *** (C) O 1
GEO131 Physical Geography E 3
GEO132 Physical Geography Lab (C) E 1
PHS120 Exploring Physical Science (P) E 4
PHS142 Principles of Astronomy (P) E 3
PHS152 Astronomy (P) 4
PHY162 College Physics I (P) 4
PHY212 Classical Physics I (P) 5

C. Mathematics 3 credits (minimum)

Assessment required
MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts (P) O E 3
MAT122 College Algebra (P) 5
MAT128 Precalculus (P) 4
MAT134 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry (P) 3
MAT156 Statistics (P) O E A 3
MAT210 Calculus I (P) 4
II. Humanities9 credits (minimum)
Requires one course from Humanities A and two courses from Humanities B in two different areas 1, 2, or 3.

  Humanities A – Western Civilization 3 credits (minimum)

HIS117 Western Civilization I: Ancient and Medieval O A 3
HIS118 Western Civilization II: Early Modern O A 3
HIS119 Western Civilization III: The Modern Period O E A 3

  Humanities B 6 credits (minimum)

1. Literature and Fine Arts
ART101 Art Appreciation O E 3
ART203 Art History I O 3
ART204 Art History II O 3
DRA107 Theatrical Arts and Society 3
LIT101 Introduction to Literature (P) O E 3
MUS100 Music Appreciation O A 3
2. Philosophy and Religion
PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy O E A 3
PHI105 Introduction to Ethics O E A 3
REL101 Survey of World Religions O 3
REL130 Introduction to Religions of the East 3
3. Non-Western Cultures
CLS130 African Cultures * O 3
CLS141 Middle Eastern History and Culture * 3
CLS150 Latin American History and Culture * O E A 3
CLS160 East Asian Cultures * O A 3
CLS164 Japanese History and Culture * 3
CLS172 Russian Civilization * 3
III. Social Sciences 9 credits (minimum)
Requires one course each from A, B, and C.

A. People and Their Relationships

PSY111 Introduction to Psychology O E A 3
SOC110 Introduction to Sociology O E A 3

B. American Society

HIS151 U.S. History to 1877 O E 3
HIS152 U.S. History Since 1877 O E A 3
POL111 American National Government O 3

C. Topics in Social Sciences

GEO121 World Regional Geography O 3
POL121 International Relations E 3
POL125 Comparative Government and Politics O 3
PSY121 Developmental Psychology O E 3
PSY251 Social Psychology (P) 3
SOC115 Social Problems O 3
SOC120 Marriage and Family O E A 3
SOC135 Death and Dying O E 3
SOC208 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3
SOC220 Sociology of Aging O 3
IV. Communications9 credits (minimum)

  Written Communications 6 credits (minimum)

Assessment required
ENG105 Composition I (P) O E A 3
ENG106 Composition II (P) O E A 3

  Oral Communications 3 credits (minimum)

SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication O E A 3
V. Social Diversity 3 credits (minimum)
COM148 Diversity and the Media 3
EDU223 Multicultural Education (P) (For Education Emphasis Only) E 3
LIT133 Minority Voices in U.S. Literature E A 3
PSY262 Psychology of Gender (P) O 3
SOC200 Minority Group Relations O 3
SOC205 Diversity in America O E A 3
WST101 Women's Studies E 3
VI. Elective Courses22 credits (minimum)

Courses beyond general education requirements. May include courses from Categories I, II, III, IV, or V.

Choosing an emphasis area will help guide your choice of electives. It may also help you determine if the career track is the right choice for you.

A. Required Elective Course 1 credit (minimum)

SDV108 The College Experience 1
SDV109 College 101 E 3

B. Suggested Elective Courses for the Liberal Arts AA Degree 21 credits (minimum)

ACC131 Principles of Accounting I (P) O E A 4
ACC132 Principles of Accounting II (P) E A 4
ART120 2-D Design 3
ART123 3-D Design 3
ART133 Drawing 3
ART134 Drawing II 3
ART143 Painting 3
ART144 Painting II 3
ART173 Ceramics 3
ART184 Photography 3
BCA201 Introduction to Information Systems O E 3
BIO151 Nutrition O E 3
BIO173 Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (P) E 4
BUS102 Introduction to Business O E 3
BUS180 Business Ethics E 3
BUS183 Business Law O A 3
BUS210 Business Statistics (P) E 3
BUS230 Quantitative Methods for Business Decision Making (P) E 3
CHM132 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (P) 4
CHM175 General Chemistry II (P) 4
COM140 Introduction to Mass Media 3
CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice O E 3
CRJ120 Introduction to Corrections O 3
CRJ200 Criminology E 3
CRJ201 Juvenile Delinquency E 3
CRJ233 Probation, Parole, Community-Based Corrections (P) 3
CRJ316 Juvenile Justice (P) 3
CRJ317 White Collar Crime (P) 3
CRJ318 Crime Analysis (P) 3
CRJ320 Criminal Justice Ethics (P) 3
CSC110 Introduction to Computers (P) O E 3
DRA110 Introduction to Film 3
ECN110 Introduction to Economics *** 3
ECN120 Principles of Macroeconomics (P) O E A 3
ECN130 Principles of Microeconomics (P) E A 3
EDU214 Exploring PK-12 Education (C) 2
EDU216 Introduction to Teaching E 3
EDU235 Children's Literature O E 3
EDU240 Educational Psychology (C) (P) E 3
EDU246 Including Diverse Learners O E 3
EDU255 Technology in the Classroom (P) E 3
EDU901 Academic Service Learning Experience ** 1
EDU920 Field Experience (C) 1
ENG221 Creative Writing 3
FLS151 Elementary Spanish I 5
FLS152 Elementary Spanish II (P) E 5
HIS201 Iowa History 3
HIS251 U.S. History 1945 to Present (P) 3
HIS257 African-American History O 3
HIS277 History of Women in the U.S. (P) 3
HUM140 Shakespeare: Dramatist, Psychologist, Historian 3
LIT189 Women and Literature O 3
LIT949 Special Topics in Literature (1-3 credits) 1
MAT102 Intermediate Algebra (P) 4
MAT151 Math Reasoning for Teachers I (P) 3
MAT216 Calculus II (P) 4
MAT219 Calculus III (P) 4
MGT101 Principles of Management O A 3
MIL103 Military Survival Skills 2
MIL110 Leadership and Personal Development 1
MIL115 Foundations of Tactical Leadership 1
MIL120 Innovative Team Leadership 2
MIL122 Leadership in Changing Environment 2
MKT110 Principles of Marketing O A 3
MUA120 Applied Piano I ** 1
MUA319 Applied Voice ** 1
MUS102 Music Fundamentals 3
MUS154 Chorus 1
PEA102 Aerobic Fitness I ** 1
PEA117 Bowling I ** 1
PEA123 Circuit Training ** 1
PEA125 Indoor Cycling ** 1
PEA150 Powerwalking ** 1
PEA176 Volleyball I ** 1
PEA187 Weight Training I ** 1
PEA191 Pilates ** 1
PEA194 Vinyasa Yoga ** 1
PEA196 Iron Yoga-Pilates Infusion ** 1
PEC110 Coaching Ethics, Techniques and Theory 1
PEC115 Athletic Development and Human Growth 1
PEC123 Anatomy for Coaching 1
PEC127 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 2
PEH111 Personal Wellness O 3
PEH141 First Aid 2
PEH266 Leadership Techniques for Fitness Programs 3
PHI121 Classical/Medieval Philosophy 3
PHS152 Astronomy 4
PHY172 College Physics II (P) 4
PHY222 Classical Physics II (P) 5
PSY241 Abnormal Psychology (P) O 3
PSY261 Human Sexuality 3
PSY924 Honors Project 1
PSY926 Honors Seminar 3
SDV127 Study Strategies 1
SDV131 Career Exploration O 2
SOC160 Introduction to Social Work O 3
SOC195 Urban Studies (P) O 3
SOC850 Cultural Immersion Field Experience ** (1-3 credits) 1
SPC122 Interpersonal Communication (P) O 3
SPC132 Group Communication (P) 3
XXX924 Honors Project (1-3 credits) 1
XXX926 Honors Seminar 3

* Meets the Non-Western Cultures requirement at UNI.
** Repeatable: see course description for number of times.
*** CNS121 or ENV115/116 – only one can be taken toward your 7 hours of science.
**** No credit if ECN120 or ECN130 earned
P Must complete a prerequisite.
C Must take a corequisite.

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