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Program Evaluation – Track Your Program Progress

Program Evaluation, otherwise known as a degree audit, is a tool for you to use to track your program progress and in determining your eligibility for graduation.

Running a Program Evaluation

  1. Log-in to My Hawkeye > My WebAdvisor > WebAdvisor for Students > Academic Planning > Program Evaluation/Degree Audit

  2. The active program(s) you are enrolled in will appear on this page. If the program you anticipate to graduate from does not appear, call the Records Specialist at the number listed in the right column.

  3. Check a box under the "Choose One" heading next to the program you wish to run a program evaluation for. In the "What work do you want to include?" field, you will always want to choose "A-All (includes planned)". Then click "SUBMIT'. Please be patient as the system retrieves the Program Evaluation.

    If you are thinking about changing your major or think you qualify to graduate from another program, you may choose a program from the drop down menu next to the statement "What if I changed my program of study?"

    If you do a "What If" scenario, then you should choose the most recent catalog year for that program and leave the drop down box for "What work do you want to include?" as "A-All (includes planned)"

  4. If you have questions regarding your program evaluation, please contact your Advisor or your Department Secretary.

  5. Programs with an anticipated complete status are eligible for graduation.

  6. Complete a Graduation Application.

How to Read a Program Evaluation

Example Program Evaluation [pdf].

Active Registration Restrictions: Active Registration Restrictions can prevent you from registering for classes or graduating. They will print at the top of your program evaluation. These restrictions and holds include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic suspension
  • Academic probation
  • TRiO student
  • Business office hold
  • Library hold
  • Foundation hold

The example program evaluation has three active holds.

Program Status: This indicates the progress of your program. It is located at the beginning of the program evaluation.

  • Pending (Anticipated Complete)—You are registered for all the necessary requirements for the program and you should apply for graduation for the semester fulfilling your requirements.

  • In Progress—You are working towards your degree, but have not completed or registered for all of the program requirements. Please do not submit a graduation application at this time. Register for all the necessary requirements for the program first then recheck your program evaluation. Once your Program Status says Pending (Anticipated complete) you can apply for graduation.

  • Complete—You have completed all necessary courses for your program. Contact the Student Records and Registration office if your status is complete and you have not applied for graduation.

Credits: This shows the number of credits you have completed and registered for.

GPA Achieved/Needed: This shows your current program GPA and the GPA your program requires.

Status Codes: These appear at the far left side of the requirement.

  • C - requirement complete: all course(s) for that requirement are complete.

  • P - requirement is pending: you are registered for a course that will fulfill the requirement.

  • N - requirement not complete: you still need to register for a required course to fulfill that requirement/sub-requirement.

  • I - requirement incomplete: you have not completed any of the required courses for the requirement/sub-requirement.

Notes: This section is located at the end or your program evaluation. It describes status codes throughout the program evaluation. Codes are specific to each student and only includes the status codes that pertain to the individual. They are located to the right of sub-requirements and courses. Examples include: IP, PR, NE.

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