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Mount Mercy - Hawkeye Course Transfer

Mount Mercy University will accept a complete Associate of Arts degree from Hawkeye. Your core curriculum requirements will be fulfilled, except for the Mercy Capstone and Ultimate Question in Religious Studies or Philosophy requirement. These two requirements must be taken at Mount Mercy.

English Writing (1 course) 
  ENG105 Composition I and
ENG106 Composition II
Mathematics (1 course) 
  MAT102 Intermediate Algebra
  MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts
  MAT128 Pre-Calculus
  MAT210 Calculus I
Speech (1 course) 
  SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
  SPC122 Interpersonal Communications
Expressive Arts: Literature (1 course) 
  LIT101 Introduction to Literature
Expressive Arts: Fine Arts (1 course) 
  ART101 Art Appreciation
  MUS100 Music Appreciation
Historical Roots (1 course) 
  HIS112 Western Civilization: Ancient to Early Modern
  HIS113 Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present
Global Awareness (1 course) 
  ANT105 Cultural Anthropology
  CLS160 East Asian Cultures
  POL125 Comparative Government and Politics
  SOC208 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  Any Intermediate Foreign Language course
The Natural World (1 course) 
One lab course or two non-lab courses are required to fulfill this requirement.
  CHM122 Introduction to General Chemistry
  CHM165 General Chemistry I
  ENV115 Environmental Science
  PHS120 Exploring Physical Science
  PHY162 College Physics I
  PHY183 Applied Physics
Ultimate Questions: Philosophy (1 course) 
  PHI101 Introduction to Philosophy
  PHI105 Introduction to Ethics
  PHI121 Classical/Medieval Philosophy
Ultimate Questions: Religious Studies (1 course)
  REL101 Survey of World Religions
  REL130 Introduction to Religions of the East
Self and Society (2 courses) 
  ECN120 Principles of Macroeconomics
  PSY111 Introduction to Psychology
  POL111 American National Government
  SOC110 Introduction to Sociology
  CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  SOC115 Social Problems
  SOC200 Minority Group Relations
Holistic Health (1 course) 
  PSY261 Human Sexuality
  SOC261 Human Sexuality
Mercy Experience
Mercy Portal Experience (1 course)
This requirement is waived for students transferring in 60 hours or who have credit for 7 or more domain requirements.
Mercy Capstone Experience
Required of all Mount Mercy graduates.

Can't find the class that you are looking for, check out Mount Mercy's Transfer Guide for Iowa Community Colleges [pdf].


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