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University of Iowa College of Engineering

College of Engineering majors:

  • Biomedical
  • Chemical and Biochemical
  • Civil and Environmental
  • Electrical and Computer
  • Industrial (offers CIS emphasis)
  • Mechanical Engineering

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Admission Requirements

  1. Complete your math, science, and engineering courses with at least a grade of C. Grades of A and B are preferred.

  2. Complete the following courses with a grade of A or B

    • MAT210 Calculus I

    • CHM165 General Chemistry I OR
      PHY212 Classical Physics I

  3. Have a cumulative GPA that demonstrates you will be successful in this major.

  4. Any additional admission requirements as required by the specific major.

You do not need to have 24 transfer credits hours completed before you transfer.

Application Deadline
Fall Semester April 1
Spring Semester November 15
Summer Semester April 1

We encourage you to visit a Hawkeye Advisor in Student Services and work with a Transfer Advisor at the University of Iowa to plan the courses you need to take at Hawkeye to transfer to the major of your choice.

Completion of the Liberal Arts - AA degree does not guarantee admission to the College of Engineering or waive the General Education requirements. Transfer courses will be evaluated on a course by course basis.

In most cases, it is advisable to transfer prior to completing an Associate degree. Generally it is best to transfer as soon as your chemistry and calculus courses are completed.

These requirements are subject to change without notice. Please check with the University of Iowa for verification of courses.

Humanities and Social Science General Education Requirement

All engineering students must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours of Humanities and Social Science electives.

You should take only nine semester hours of Humanities and Social Science general education courses before you transfer. Additional general education credits likely will not count toward degree credit requirements or reduce the hours needed for graduation.

To complete this requirement you will need to complete:

  • one lower-division Humanities course and one lower-division Social Science course during your first and second years.

  • one upper-division Humanities or Social Science course that builds off one of the lower-division courses you completed during your junior or senior year.

  • any two additional Humanities or Social Science courses. One of the courses must be an upper-division course completed during your junior or senior year.

Social Science Electives

  • ANT105 Cultural Anthropology
  • CRJ201 Juvenile Delinquency
  • ECN110 Introduction to Economics
  • ECN130 Principles of Microeconomics
  • GEO115 Human Geography
  • GEO121 World Regional Geography
  • POL111 American National Government
  • POL121 International Relations
  • POL125 Comparative Govt. and Politics
  • PSY111 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY121 Developmental Psychology
  • PSY241 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY251 Social Psychology
  • PSY262 Psychology of Gender
  • SOC110 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC115 Social Problems
  • SOC120 Marriage and Family
  • SOC135 Death and Dying
  • SOC205 Diversity in America

Humanities Electives

  • ART101 Art Appreciation
  • CLS130 African Cultures
  • CLS141Mid Eastern History and Culture
  • CLS160 East Asian Cultures
  • CLS169 The Pacific Century
  • COM148 Diversity and the Media
  • DRA107 Theatrical Arts and Society
  • HIS117 Western Civilization I
  • HIS118 Western Civilization II
  • HIS119 Western Civilization III
  • HIS155 American Civilization
  • LIT101 Intro to Literature
  • LIT133 Minority Voices in US Literature
  • LIT142 Major British Writers
  • LIT189 Women and Literature
  • MUS100 Music Appreciation
  • PHI105 Introduction to Ethics
  • REL101 Survey of World Religions

Foreign Language General Education Requirement

You are required to complete the Foreign Language requirement if you have not:

  • earned an Associate of Arts degree,
  • graduated high school between 1985-1991 and have at least 24 credit hours or more earned, or
  • graduated high school prior to 1985.

Students may be admitted without this requirement on a conditional basis.

To fulfill the Foreign Language requirement you must:

  • complete two years of a foreign language in high school, OR
  • complete two semesters of college-level foreign language, AND
  • complete intermediate courses of the same foreign language at Iowa.

Any college foreign language course taken will count towards both the Foreign Language and Humanities general education requirements.

The following are courses that may be taken at Hawkeye to apply towards the Foreign Language requirement.

Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
ASL131 American Sign Language I
ASL161 American Sign Language II
FLC145 Chinese 1 39:8 1st Year Chinese 1st Semester
FLF145 French I 9:1 Elementary French I
FLF245 French II 9:2 Elementary French II
FLS151 Elementary Spanish I 35:1 Elementary Spanish I
FLS152 Elementary Spanish II 35:2 Elementary Spanish II

Engineering Core Courses

If you start a math or science sequence at Hawkeye, it is strongly recommended that you complete the sequence at Hawkeye. Whenever possible math and science sequences should not be split between two different colleges.

The following Engineering core courses may be taken at Hawkeye:

Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
ENG105 Composition I AND
ENG106 Composition II AND
SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communications
10:1 Rhetoric I
10:2 Rhetoric II
CHM165 General Chemistry I * 4:11 Principles of Chemistry I
MAT210 Calculus I AND * **
MAT216 Calculus II *
22M:31 Eng Math I: SV Calc
MAT219 Calculus III 22M:32 Eng Math II: MV Calc
PHY212 Classical Physics I * 29:81 Intro Physics I
PHY222 Classical Physics II * 29:82 Intro Physics II

* We recommend you complete these courses before your transfer.

** To meet the 22M:31 Eng Math I: SV Calc requirement you must complete both MAT210 Calculus I and MAT216 Calculus II. If you transfer before you complete MAT216 Calculus II, you will need to take 22M:32 Engineering Math II at Iowa. You must have earned a grade of A or B in MAT210 Calculus I to take 22M:32 Engineering Math at the University of Iowa.

If you take MAT102 Intermediate Algebra or MAT122 College Algebra, the courses will only count towards the 24 hours of transfer credit for admission purposes. No credit is awarded for preparatory math work.

Biomedical, Biochemical, and Chemical Majors

You can take CHM175 General Chemistry II at Hawkeye and receive credit for 4:12 Principles of Chemistry II at the University of Iowa.

Industrial Engineering Majors

You can take PSY111 Introduction to Psychology at Hawkeye and receive credit for 31:1 Elementary Psychology at the University of Iowa.

We recommend CIS142 Computer Science and CIS153 Data Structures as elective choices. Although these courses will not transfer directly to the University of Iowa, they will help you gain background knowledge for future classes you will take in this major.


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