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University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences majors:

  • Art / Art History
  • Athletic Training
  • Exercise Science
  • Leisure Studies
  • Psychology
  • Social Work

General Education Requirements

Students who have completed the Associate of Arts degree from Hawkeye will have completed all general education requirements for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences with the exception of the Foreign Language requirement.

Foreign Language General Education Requirement

You are required to complete the Foreign Language requirement for the College of Business if you have not:

  • earned an Associate of Arts degree,
  • graduated high school between 1985-1991 and have at least 24 credit hours or more earned, or
  • graduated high school prior to 1985.

Students may be admitted without this requirement on a conditional basis.

To fulfill the Foreign Language requirement you must:

  • complete two years of a foreign language in high school, OR
  • complete two semesters of a foreign language in college, AND
  • complete intermediate courses of the same foreign language at Iowa.

The following are courses that may be taken at Hawkeye to apply towards the foreign language requirement.

Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
FLS151 Elementary Spanish I 35:1 Elementary Spanish I
FLS152 Elementary Spanish II 35:2 Elementary Spanish II

Math Transfer Credits

If you need to complete preparatory work in mathematics, you may wish to complete extra electives at Hawkeye due to the transfer of lower level Algebra classes.

MAT102 Intermediate Algebra and MAT122 College Algebra courses do not apply towards your graduation requirements at the University of Iowa.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

We encourage you to visit a Hawkeye Advisor in Student Services and work with a Transfer Advisor at the University of Iowa to plan the courses you need to take at Hawkeye to transfer to the major of your choice.

These requirements are subject to change without notice. Please check with the University of Iowa for verification of courses.

Social Work Major

Admission Requirements:

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • March 1 application deadline
  • grade of C or higher in SO-120T
  • complete separate application, personal statement, and letter of reference from SO-120T instructor
  • successful completion of starred course(s) below

Twelve hours of coursework in one concentration level is required to graduate.

Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
BIO154 Human Biology 2:21 Human Biology
SOC160 Intro to Social Work * 42:22 Intro to Social Work
POL111 American National Government 30:1 Intro to American Politics
PSY111 Intro to Psychology 31:1 Elementary Psychology
SOC110 Intro to Sociology 34:1 Intro to Sociology Principles
ECN120 Principles of Macro OR
ECN130 Principles of Micro
Basic economics course
Psychology Major

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees possible.

Bachelor of Science applicants need 30 semester hours and an average GPA of 2.67.

Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
MAT156 Statistics 7P:25 Elem. Stats.
PSY111 Intro to Psychology 31:1 Elem. Psychology
PSY251 Social Psychology 31:15 Intro to Social Psych.
PSY121 Dev. Psychology 31:14 Intro to Child Dev.
PSY262 Psychology of Gender Psychology elective
PSY241 Abnormal Psychology Psychology elective
Athletic Training Major

The Athletic Training major includes more clinical based curriculum.

You will need to be CPR/First Aid certified. We recommend you receive your certification before enrolling at the University of Iowa.

Volunteer experiences working at hospitals, clinics, or camps related to athletic training, sports medicine, or health care are strongly recommended.

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • submit an athletic training application by December 1.
  • minimum 2.5 GPA
  • at least 14 hours of college credit
  • complete all prerequisite courses with a C grade or higher
  • successful completion of 27:96, a prerequisite of the Prospective Student Training Program offered only at the University of Iowa during the Fall Semester
Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
BIO168 Human A&P I w/lab AND
BIO173 Human A&P II w/lab
27:53 Human Anatomy
BIO112 General Biology I 2:2 Intro Animal Biology
CHM122 Intro to Gen Chem AND
CHM132 Intro to Org & Biochem
CHM165 General Chemistry I AND
CHM175 General Chemistry II

4:7 General Chemistry I AND
4:8 General Chemistry II 
4:11 Prin. Of Chemistry I AND
4:12 Prin. Of Chemistry II

PHY162 College Physics I 29:11 College Physics I
MAT156 Statistics 7P:25 Elementary Stats
EDU240 Educational Psychology 7P:75 Educational Psychology & Measurements
PSY111 Intro to Psychology 31:1 Elementary Psychology
BIO151 Nutrition 28:130 Human Nutrition
Exercise Science Major

The Exercise Science Major includes more science based curriculum.

It is recommended that you transfer to the University of Iowa after one year at Hawkeye.

Additional Admission Requirements:

  • 3.0 GPA or higher on all prerequisites.
  • 2.75 GPA or higher on all course work. Typical accepted applicants have a 3.2 GPA or above.
  • Submit application to departmental office by February 28.
  • Transfer students must complete a minimum of 12 hours in science with a 3.0 GPA at the University of Iowa before admission to the major.
Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
MAT210 Calculus I 22M:25 Calculus I
BIO112 General Biology I AND
BIO113 General Biology II
2:10 Principles of Biology I AND
2:11 Principles of Biology II
CHM165 General Chemistry I AND
CHM175 General Chemistry II

4:11 Principles of Chemistry I AND
4:12 Principles of Chemistry II

PHY162 College Physics I 29:11 College Physics I
PHY172 College Physics II 29:12 College Physics II
ENG105 Composition I AND
ENG106 Composition II AND
SPC101 Funds of Oral Comm
10:1 Rhetoric I AND
10:2 Rhetoric II
PSY111 Intro to Psychology 31:1 Elementary Psychology
Art/Art History Major

The Art / Art History major emphases in design, drawing, painting, and photography.

We recommend that you:

  • save work from Hawkeye studio courses for a portfolio that may be needed in transfer course evaluation.

  • meet with your University of Iowa advisor to discuss the requirements you may fulfill with transfer courses if you plan to major in Art History.

Art History transfer courses must be reviewed by the art history division head to determine the student’s placement in or exemption from required art history courses.

You must complete three hours of Art History and 12 hours in studio art at the University of Iowa.

Hawkeye Course Iowa Course
ART203 Art History I 1H:5 Western Art pre 1400
ART204 Art History 1H:6 Western Art after 1400
ART143 Painting Painting Major Hours
ART144 Painting II Painting Major Hours
ART184 Photography Photography Major Hours
ART123 3-D Design Design Major Hours
ART120 2-D Design Design Major Hours
ART134 Drawing II Drawing Major Hours


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