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UNI College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences - Computer Science

College of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences - Computer Science department majors:

  • Computer Science
  • Networking and System Administration

Admission Requirements

To major or minor in a program in the Computer Science department, a student must:

  1. Successfully meet the high school mathematics requirement before enrolling in any computer science credit courses (algebra, geometry, advanced algebra).

  2. Maintain 2.0 GPA in major/minor courses and have no grades below C-.

  3. Pass prerequisite Computer Science courses with a grade of C or higher before taking a subsequent course.

  4. The following courses should be included in your Liberal Arts - AA degree at Hawkeye:

    Hawkeye Courses UNI Courses
    CIS153 Data Structures CS1160 (810:036)
    C/C++ Programming
    MAT128 Pre-Calculus MATH1140 (800:046)

Transfer Course Equivalencies

The following course recommendations are for students pursuing their Liberal Arts - AA degree at Hawkeye.

Placement in Math courses is dependent on ACT or COMPASS scores. Additional Math may be required prior to taking Pre-Calculus.

We encourage you to visit a Hawkeye Advisor in Student Services and work with your UNI advisor to plan the courses you need to take at Hawkeye to transfer to the major of your choice.

Computer Science – BS Option

The BS option emphasizes technical depth, math intensity and research. The program is appropriate for students who intend to enter graduate school or work in scientific computing.

Computer Science – BA Option

The BA option provides a general knowledge of computer science with a less technical and research oriented approach. The program is appropriate for students who intend to work as entry-level programmers.

Computer Science BA and BS Options
BS option students should complete all three courses listed below.

BA option students should complete two of the three courses listed below.
Hawkeye Courses UNI Courses
MAT156 Statistics STAT1772 (800:072)
Intro to Stats
MAT210 Calculus I MATH1420 (800:060)
Calculus I
MAT216 Calculus II MATH1421 (800:061)
Calculus II

UNI Liberal Arts Core

Students completing Hawkeye's Associate of Arts degree following the specifications of Hawkeye and meeting all conditions of Hawkeye's articulation agreement with UNI, will have met UNI's Liberal Arts Core requirements with the following exceptions:

  1. Capstone must be completed at UNI after transfer.

  2. A course in Non-Western Cultures must be completed either at Hawkeye or at UNI. Hawkeye offers the following Non-Western Cultures courses:
    • CLS130 African Cultures
    • CLS141 Mid Eastern History and Culture
    • CLS150 Latin American History and Culture
    • CLS160 East Asian History and Culture
    • CLS164 Japanese History and Culture
    • CLS172 Russian Civilization
    • HIS214 Russian History and Culture (This course does not fulfill the AA degree humanities requirement)
  3. Foreign Language Requirement (for students graduating from high school or earning a high school equivalency diploma in 1989 and later).

    You must meet one of the following requirements to fulfill the Liberal Arts Core Foreign Language Requirement:

    • Two years of the same high school foreign language are required with C- or better in last term OR

    • Two semesters of the same foreign language in college with a C- or better in the second term.

      Hawkeye offers the following Foreign Language courses that fulfill this requirement:
      • FLS151 Spanish I AND
      • FLS152 Spanish II



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