2011 Sammie Dell Commitment to Diversity Award

By: Public Relations and Marketing
Date Published: Friday, March 02, 2012
Sammie Dell Commitment to Diversity Award
Sandy Jensen

Sandy Jensen, manager of Hawkeye's Metro Center, was awarded the prestigious Sammie Dell Commitment to Diversity Award.

As manager, Jensen oversees Hawkeye's GED program, English Language Learning program, and more. She is able to utilize teaching activities to incorporate diverse opportunities for students. Jensen is also involved in her church and a board member for El Centro.

One nominator states, "Sandy has been a great role model and has actively gone above and beyond the call of duty to create a positive environment for diversity relations."

"She provided leadership, compassion, and a caring that can only come from someone who is rooted in their own sense of what is just and good for all," states another nominator.

"Sandy values the diverse student community which she knows can bring fresh ideas, perspectives, and views to the Metro Center. She uses the mixture of genders, cultural backgrounds, ages, and live styles to enrich the learning experience for both staff and students," adds another nominator.