Hawkeye Instructor Presents Virtual Technology to Four-Year College

By: Public Relations and Marketing
Date Published: Friday, May 11, 2012
Hawkeye instructor Martie Heath-Sinclair presents at the University of Kansas.

Hawkeye students use the BodyViz in their anatomy and physiology class.

During a February visit to the University of Kansas School of Nursing, Hawkeye instructor Martie Heath-Sinclair, shared how she uses the BodyViz technology at Hawkeye Community College.

She presented to the Health Information Technology Scholars program. The group included faculty from diverse academics settings who are enthusiastic about integrating technology into their curriculum.

Hawkeye invested in a combination of 3D stereoscopic and monoscopic BodyViz software and virtual reality hardware. Heath-Sinclair has integrated the BodyViz into her anatomy and physiology classes.

"There are so many applications for the BodyViz in anatomy and physiology as well as healthcare classes. It gives students an entirely new dimension for the study of the human body. The software allows a student to virtually dissect real body bodies with real problems; not just an ordinary canned dissection program," states Heath-Sinclair.

Students have even brought in MRIs from their own family members to view through the BodyViz.

Hawkeye Community College is the first community college to use BodyViz.