Hawkeye Community College Receives Iowa Outstanding Diversity/Equity Award

By: Public Relations and Marketing
Date Published: Thursday, August 08, 2013

WATERLOO—Hawkeye Community College’s Board of Trustees and President Linda Allen were presented with the Iowa Outstanding Diversity/Equity Award at the 2013 Iowa Association of Community College Trustees conference in West Burlington, Iowa.

This award recognizes the College’s leadership in setting policies, championing an environment of inclusiveness, and enhancing opportunities for minorities and women. It recognizes Hawkeye’s establishment of programs for student success beginning with Multicultural Student Visit Days to recruit minority students, and continuing with orientation activities to ensure students are making smart academic career decisions. Since 2008, minority student enrollment in credit programs at Hawkeye has grown from 10% to 13% of the student body. The total number of minority students increased by 174 during that time, with the most significant growth among Hispanic students, with an increase of 80 students.

Highlighted activities include several student clubs and organizations, Color Me Human activities, and the TRIO Student Success Program. TRIO is a federally-funded program by the US Department of Education, which assists students, including low-income, first-generation college students, and those with disabilities.

Hawkeye has an active Diversity Committee that works to promote a campus atmosphere that reflects, encourages, and values a multicultural environment. Hawkeye’s Metro Center location is one of the most diverse and supportive educational sites in the entire state. Almost 40% of the attendees have a native language other than English. Additionally, Martin Luther King, Jr. Center of Hawkeye Community College serves the minority community through its neighborhood outreach programs.