Hawkeye Instructor Receives National Excellence Award

By: Public Relations and Marketing
Date Published: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WATERLOO—Martie Heath-Sinclair of Waterloo, Anatomy and Physiology instructor at Hawkeye Community College received a national excellence award based on her work with BodyViz. Heath-Sinclair was presented the League for Innovation’s John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award for outstanding contributions to teaching, leadership, and learning. The League for Innovation is a forum dedicated to improving student and organizational learning through innovation, experimentation, and institutional transformation. More than 750 institutions from eleven different countries make up the League for Innovation.

Heath-Sinclair had the vision to see that the use of a tool developed at Iowa State University for the purposes of research, the BodyViz, could be useful in the classroom as well. She communicated with the company, organized demonstrations on campus, and worked with the appropriate deans and faculty members to determine if the system would work at Hawkeye. Once that was determined, the purchase of three systems was completed. Training for faculty in biology and health programs occurred shortly after. Hawkeye’s acquisition of BodyViz 3-D visualization software technology made Hawkeye the first community college in the nation and the first college in the Midwest to utilize this technology in the classroom. Medical facilities and surgeons use a similar type of software in planning delicate and complicated procedures. BodyViz has extensive visualization features that enable users to quickly and effectively view and interact with their patient's data in a never-before-seen 3D manner that is changing the way medical, educational, and legal professionals view their world.

Heath-Sinclair also received the 2012 Hawkeye Community College President’s Award for “Innovation of the Year” for her use of BodyViz in the classroom.