Drama Club Performance

By: Student Life
Date Published: Friday, November 08, 2013

BRAVO to our Drama Club whom performed "Bits & Pieces:" A Collection of 10 Minutes Plays, this last week in Brock Student Center. The club performed eight different and exciting, ten-minute plays as named below:

  • Duet for Bear and Dog by Sybil Rosen
  • Nightswim by Julia Jordan
  • Bake Off by Sheri Wilner
  • Guys by Robb Badlam
  • Anything for You by Cathy Celesia
  • Game Theory by Peter Sagal
  • The Dungeons and the Dragons by Kyle John Schmidt
  • An Examination of the whole Playwright/Actor Relationship Presented as some kind of Cop Show Parody by Greg Kotis

 Thanks to everyone who attended the event, it was quite a success!