Financial Wellness Month

By: Student Life
Date Published: Friday, February 01, 2013

One of the Student Center's monthly observances for January was financial wellness. There were a few activities in January in the Student Center associated with this monthly observance. Student Life, in conjunction with Financial Aid, hosted a Financial Aid Lunch and Learn on Wednesday, January 23 in the Student Center. Students could come to this interactive session to get more information about Financial Aid and to have many of their questions answered. A taco buffet lunch was provided for attendees. In addition to this session, a couple of movies were played in the Student Center that related to Financial Wellness. Catch Me If You Can, a movie about a man who conned millions of dollars, was played on Thursday, January 24. The Net, a movie about a woman who gets her identity stolen, was played on Thursday, January 31. Both movies help to send a message about how to be more financially responsible. As it's now February, this month's observance is Black History Month. The Student Center will have several events and activities going on centered about this observance this month.