Community Job Openings

By: Career Services Center
Date Published: Monday, February 13, 2017

Are you looking for a job while you are in school or a job in your chosen field? Start by logging into your Hawkeye Job Board account to begin searching for these jobs.

  • Caregiver #4888113 
  • Class A CDL Drivers/Spotting Service Employees #4900741
  • Dental Assistant #4892297
  • Executive Assistant #4887819 
  • Front Desk #4904833 
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician #4904235
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technician #4892642
  • Marketing Associate #4903563 
  • Member Services Rep #4893715
  • Metal Finishing #4896616 
  • Mig Welder #4897852
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Workers #4902908
  • Veterinary Assistant #4898592
  • Welder #4892208

More part-time and full-time positions added daily!

The Power of Positive Thinking During the Job Search

All of the aspects that go into job searching can be overwhelming. If we do not get the results for which we are looking, we have a tendency to gain a negative attitude about the process. Others are able to detect that negativity, including employers. Being and staying positive can go a long way. Here are some tips to help you stay upbeat:

  • Take a break from searching for jobs to clear your thoughts and reevaluate your plan.

  • Explore volunteering opportunities. Not only are you lending a helping hand, but you can use current skills and gain new ones in the process. It is also a chance to network in the community.

  • Find someone who can serve as your mentor or sounding board. With that person, you should be able to vent your frustrations as well as generate new ideas and goals.

  • Stay healthy by eating well and exercising. A positive body leads to a positive mind.

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