Community Job Openings

By: Career Services Center
Date Published: Thursday, April 21, 2016

Are you looking for a job while you are in school or a job in your chosen field? Start by logging into your Hawkeye Job Board account to begin searching for these jobs.

  • Assistant Website Content Associate #4491726
  • Clinic RN #4484933
  • CNC Machinist #4498974
  • Estimator-Lead Foreman #4487238
  • In-Home Nursing Care #4500419
  • Kennel Attendant #4486697
  • Lead Childcare Teacher #4492171
  • Machine Operator #4498927
  • Marketing Intern #4492171
  • Painter #4491707
  • Resident Counselors #4486064
  • Restorative Nursing Aide #4488602
  • Summer Production Positions #4487900
  • Youth Program Assistant #4484118
  • Plus many more posted daily!

More job resources.

Career Tips for New Graduates...and Everyone Else.

Congratulations! Graduation is just around the corner and you are fresh, eager, and ready to tackle the job market. Here are a few tips to put you on the right path.

  1. Customize your resume. Application documents like your resume and cover letter are no longer “one size fits all.” You need to tailor these to fit each specific job for which you apply. The key is to inform each employer how your accomplishments, skills, and abilities would make you a good fit for their organization.

  2. Use technology wisely. Set up job alerts on sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. “Like” or “follow” organizations that interest you. This helps you learn about the organization’s culture and needs. Of course, make sure your social media presence is positive and free of negativity.

  3. Socialize at summer events. Whether it is a family barbeque, wedding, or summer softball league, talk to people and let them know who you are and what you are looking for. You never know who might have the right connections!

  4. Be patient. The hiring process tends to move slower than we want it to, particularly in the summer months due in part by vacation time. Do not get discouraged if you do not hear back right away; follow up with a polite phone call or email expressing your interest.

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