Women's History Month Activities

By: Student Life
Date Published: Monday, March 25, 2013

The Brock Student Center recognizes March as Women's History Month and has hosted a couple of activities in honor of this monthly observance.

Interested students could participate in Women's History Month Trivia on Tuesday, March 12. A tri-fold board was set out with various questions on it, and the more questions a student got right, the more prizes they could win. Several students challenged themselves by testing their knowledge with women's history facts and trivia.

Student Life also hosted a Musical Chairs competition in the Brock Student Center on Monday, March 25 at noon. Students who played participated in 3 rounds. The winner of each round put their name into a drawing to win a $25 Walmart gift card. Since the Brock Student Center is observing Women's History Month in March, empowering music for women was playing during musical chairs to honor women's history. Chris Ribble was drawn as the winner of the gift card. All other participants received a free t-shirt for playing.

Thanks to all who participated in these activities! They were enjoyed by many!