High School Completion Program

Online High School Completion Class

Study online to gain the skills needed to pass the HiSET tests!

How do I register for an online high school completion class?

If you wish to take an online high school completion class, you must:

  1. meet the general eligibility requirements
  2. follow the registration process
  3. meet reading and math assessment score requirements

You need access to a computer, Internet, email, and a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Works.

What does the course work involve?

You can work from home and practice the skills needed online. You must dedicate a minimum of five hours per week to your online high school completion class.

Your instructor will monitor your progress and can respond to questions by email. Your instructor will schedule meetings periodically to assess progress, receive additional help and assignments, take official practice tests, or schedule the HiSET tests.

Online HiSET Testing Scam

Official HiSET tests are not available online. Tests are computer based, but must be taken at an approved Iowa testing center such as the Hawkeye Metro Center.

Be careful of scams asking for large sums of money to complete the High School Equivalency testing online!

Metro Center

844 West 4th Street
Waterloo, IA 50702
319-234-5748 (F)

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Metro Assessment Center Hours