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Home Inspection Training

Train to become a home inspector. Hawkeye Community College is partnering with Carson, Dunlop & Associates to offer home inspector training. This program is endorsed by the American Society of Home Inspectors.

About Home Inspectors

Home inspectors help home buyers make an informed decision about the property they are considering. A home inspection includes an inspection and written report about the physical condition of the property.

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In some states, home inspectors are regulated. If desired, the program prepares to you to take the National Home Inspection Examination.

About the Program

The Home Inspector Training program is offered online. You will learn through:

  • illustrated course text
  • quizzes
  • field exercises
  • inspection procedures
  • inspection checklist
  • online course videos


You will take 10 courses in the Home Inspector Training Program. You will have six months after registration to complete a course.

  1. Roofing – This course describes both sloped and flat roof construction. You will learn flashing details and the intersections that are often problems on roofs. Roof problems, causes, and implications are identified for all of the common roofing materials. Learn how to inspect roofs and what to watch for with various roofing materials.

  2. Structure – You will learn about all the structural elements of a building from the footings, foundations, floor, wall, and roof assemblies. Elements of good construction are explained and illustrated, along with common failure modes and how to identify them.

  3. Electrical – Learn about house electricity and develop an understanding of the basics. The course addresses getting electricity into the house and distributing it safely, including switches, lights, and receptacles. The course is designed for people who do not have an electrical background and provide the skills necessary to perform the electrical part of a professional home inspection.

  4. Heating I – Receive an introduction to residential heating systems. Fuels, furnaces, boilers, and modern combination systems are discussed. Detailed instructions on operational tests, common failure modes, and life expectancies of various systems are included.

  5. Heating II – A continuation of  Heating I, chimneys, wood heating, fireplaces, steam heating, electric heating systems, and space heaters are discussed. You will learn inspection strategies, test procedures, and problem identification.

  6. Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps – These complicated mechanical systems are broken down into simple components. The course starts with basic principles of operation and builds an understanding. Considerable detail is provided on how these systems fail. Upon completion, the learner is able to test and inspect air conditioning and heat pump systems as a professional home inspector.

  7. Plumbing – You will learn about supply piping, water heaters, waste piping, and plumbing fixtures. The physics of water is covered, as well as how systems work and common failure modes are provided.

  8. Exterior – Learn about different architectural styles, wall systems, windows, doors, exterior structures, and landscaping features. Discuss how to inspect and identify problems.

  9. Insulation and Interior – Learn about home insulation, ventilation systems, modern building standards, and the principles of heat transfer. This course also addresses floor, wall, and ceiling finishes, stairs, windows, doors, and wet basements. You will learn how things are built, what goes wrong, and why it matters.

  10. Communication and Professional Practice – This course focuses on the home inspection process and how the business works. You will discuss how home inspections are arranged and how to conduct an inspection. We address communicating your findings to clients verbally and in writing. Instruction on writing professional technical reports and sample checklists are included.


The program costs $399 per course. Your fee includes printed course materials and access to online resources.


Call 319-296-4290 to register. An email and mailing address will be required at registration.

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