LEAD Certificate Program

Leadership No-No’s that Lead to Legal Issues

You can make a lot of mistakes in business, especially as a new leader or supervisor, but none more detrimental to the company than a lawsuit. Join us for this interactive session about some of the biggest areas to watch and biggest mistakes to avoid. Leave with some key tips on how to protect yourself, as well as your employer and employees from the huge losses that these legal issues can cost your organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain and apply the legal concepts regarding race, religion, national origin, gender (including sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, and the Equal Pay Act), color, age, and disability discrimination.
  • Explain and apply the legal concepts regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act and The Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • Define the legal concepts of disparate treatment and disparate impact in discrimination claims.
  • Outline the complexity of biases and prejudices and how they interact with employment decisions.
  • Define the doctrine of 'employment at will' and the exceptions thereto including Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN), violations of public policy, whistle-blowing, and breach of implied contract.
  • Identify possible legal implications regarding performance appraisals and disciplinary actions. Identify the types of questions that must be asked and answered before an adverse employment action is taken against an employee.

Facilitator - Karen Reynolds

Karen Reynolds has a BA degree from the University of Iowa, and a MBA from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Karen has worked Human Resources/ Training and Development since 1997, after working almost 10 years in sales and marketing. In the fall of 2007, she was recruited to teach a class at UNI, loved it, and has been teaching college students ever since. Karen has been with Hawkeye Community College for five years, teaching and advising the Human Resource Management program. She also teaches upper-level, fourth-year degree, non-traditional students at Upper Iowa University one night a week. Karen enjoys biking, and just completed her 9th RAGBRAI. Additionally, she loves to travel and read. She was born and raised in a small town in Iowa... and will hopes to retire in a small town in Iowa. She is a wife, mother of two kids, and a new puppy.

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