LEAD Certificate Program

Management Ground Zero

Yesterday you were one of the gang. Today you are the boss. You might think your role and relationship hasn’t changed with the group but in reality it has and it must change if you want to be a successful leader. This class will discuss your role and responsibility as a leader as different work scenarios are presented. The class will discuss how your words and action (or inaction) send a message to your team. Also, your work style will be examined. Learn how you should approach and work harmoniously with others to empower them.

Learning Objectives

  • Define leadership and discuss your new role and responsibilities as a supervisor.
  • Recognize the shift in your work relationships from peer to boss and company steward.
  • Review business etiquette for managers.
  • Identify the steps involved in leadership.
  • Review work behavior tendencies related with each dimension.
  • Determine what behavior style each direct report has on your team and how your works style impacts them.
  • Outline how you can improve your management approach with the members on your team.
  • Compare the differences of baby boomers, generation X, and millennial employees, and how to empower them all.

Facilitator - Don McKee

Don McKee, Performance Consultant, has been in education and training for the past 20 years, including 5 years as Training Director for Iowa Select Farms, Iowa Falls, Iowa and Training Consultant for Iowa Central Community College, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Don currently operates his own consulting and training business and is a certified Zenger Miller Leadership Trainer, Life Orientations Behavioral Trainer, and LEAN 101 Facilitator. Don has facilitated leadership training for over 100 manufacturers, hospitals, banks, and municipalities throughout Iowa and Illinois. Don’s approach to training is exemplified in his business slogan “Making Common Sense, Common Practice”. Don utilizes tools and strategies designed to pick up where traditional “theory” training drops off. He currently resides in Webster City, Iowa with his wife and four daughters.


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