LEAD Certificate Program

Strengths-Based Leadership and Team Building

Take a StrengthsFinder assessment and discover your top five strengths. Learn how your "signature strengths" help you excel, and begin your path to better performance and higher engagement. Leaders must be able to identify their top strengths in order to understand how to relate to others, delegate authority, support team work, and serve successfully in a leadership role. You will also be able to see the impact of communication in a team environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess your own current communication effectiveness using results from the StrengthsFinder assessment.

  • Review common communication pitfalls (stereotyping, selective perception, halo/pitchfork effect, attribution, and vagueness) and how to avoid them.

  • Review best listening practices (active listening, paraphrasing, clarifying, ans summarizing).

  • Determine the best communication approach for a given situation and tailor a message or approach to maximize communication effectiveness.

  • Practice better questioning and investigation techniques to gather more information and make better decisions.

  • Sharpen your communication skills by learning various communication styles and improve communication messages.

Facilitator - Dr. Bill Withers

Dr. Bill Withers is a leadership fellow and full professor at Wartburg College where he also serves as the assistant director of The Institute for Leadership Education. He has served on many governing boards over the years and currently sits on the board of directors for Iowa Public Television (IPTV). With over two decades of management and leadership experience in both business and education, his research has been presented multiple times at the International Conference on Business in Honolulu. He has both studied and served organizations such as Proctor & Gamble, Ritz-Carlton, Disney, Four Seasons, and Starbucks. Closer to home, Dr. Withers has won both teacher and advisor of the year awards, and he continues to specialize in the areas of public relations, quality customer service, organizational change, and leadership.



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