LEAD Certificate Program

Time and Energy Management

By managing your time effectively you are more efficient and are able to schedule when things get done. And if you manage your energy, you are able to plow through more work because you are operating at peak capacity. Would you like to accomplish more, earn more recognition for your efforts and feel a sense of control? This class will help you identify the tasks that add the most value to the business; recognize the times when you are operating at your maximum ability; and develop strategies to get things done even with interruptions.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the realities of time.
  • Identify your high performance work times.
  • Identify situational time wasters and solutions for them.
  • Learn the importance of planning and prioritizing.
  • Learn to organize and de-stress your work environment.
  • Understand the benefits and obstacles of delegation as a time management tool.
  • Learn to plan and conduct and effective meeting.

Facilitator - Terry Whitson

Terry Whitson is an independent training and development consultant with over 25 years of experience in corporate training. She earned a Masters in Training and Development from Drake University and an undergraduate degree in business with a marketing emphasis from the University of Iowa. Terry has been an adjunct faculty member at Kirkwood Community College since 1988 and Mt. Mercy University since 2010. She has worked as a training manager and corporate trainer for several large companies. She also gained valuable insight into customer communications from her early work experience as a customer service manager.


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