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About Teaching and Learning Services


The Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning Services provides resources and on-going support for faculty development and innovation to enhance student learning.


Teaching and Learning Services engage faculty as full partners in the learning process. We provide learning opportunities based on faculty needs and student learning data. We believe good teachers are developed by design not default - faculty development, mentoring, and orientation are essential.

We strive to ...

  • Shift focus from the process of teaching to the results of learning

  • Understand the impact of teaching so that we get better results in the classroom

  • Work in faculty learning communities to gain knowledge from research and each other's experiences

  • Encourage faculty to assume responsibility for their professional development

  • Have knowledgeable mentors available for advancing classroom technology and new faculty experiences

Read our complete preferred future of the Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning Services.


The Teaching and Learning Center was started in 1995 with part-time faculty leadership. It later became the Center for Teaching and Learning Services, created through an Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) project that sought to bring together faculty development and services provided in various areas of the college.

In July 2005 the Center for Teaching and Learning Services became a full-time initiative of Hawkeye providing faculty development, media services, and distance learning. It was renamed the Brobst Center for Teaching and Learning Services in August, honoring of Dan and Carol Brobst, long-time administrators and strong proponents of faculty development at Hawkeye from 1967 through 2001.

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