Standards for a College Course, a Classroom, and for Teaching

Standards for a College Course, a Classroom, and for Teaching

April 2007

The Academic Standards and Issues Committee submitted standards for a college course, a college classroom, and college teaching to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The document served as a synthesis of several college-wide open forums for faculty input and the Committee’s dialogue and work over several months.

The need for these standards was influenced by the current context at the time:

  1. to ease and clarify articulation with other college or high school course offerings.
  2. to guide our own curriculum development.
  3. to assist our teachers in planning and instruction.
  4. to be open and public about the standards we hold ourselves to.
  5. to provide a basis for assessment and evaluation.

The document’s cover sheet stated the following intent for future work:

These stated standards are envisioned to be the starting point of ongoing discussions about the activity of teaching and learning at Hawkeye Community College. We certainly believe that these standards might be modified over time and believe that there is great value in the ongoing conversations they can generate and the collective understanding that can result.

We hope that these standards will be:

  • adopted by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • published and widely distributed to the college community.
  • be incorporated into the culture and fabric of Hawkeye Community College as to how we engage in the teaching and learning process.

These standards should motivate us and hold us into account in our collective mission to the school, the community, and our profession.

April 2012

In 2012, course participants of the induction course, Effective Teaching for Learning Practices, dug deeper into the original list of standards by researching the importance of each standard, identifying some examples about how the standards can be implemented and providing resources for further exploration. You will find the results of their efforts in this expanded standards document.

It is our hope that this document reflects the intention of the original work completed by the Academic Standards and Issues Committee, and that it provides both current and future faculty with ideas to strengthen teaching for learning at Hawkeye Community College.

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