Professional Development

Courses and Workshops

Courses and workshops are committed to modeling the best practices in teaching for learning.

Courses and workshops that are longer that nine hours are expected to follow this course design.

Course Design

  • Aligns with Hawkeye's academic and online standards.

  • Incorporates
    • Theory
    • Classroom demonstration and practice
    • Observation and reflection
    • Teacher collaboration and study of implementation
    • Integration of instructional technology
  • Includes an evaluation component that documents the improvement in instructional practice and the effect on student learning.

Processes that:

  • Incorporate research-based instructional strategies appropriate to the intended goal
    (e.g. multiple intelligences, learning styles, active learning, brain/learning research)

  • Utilize multiple methods to guide and assess learning and improvement
    (e.g. sampling, formative and summative assessment, rubrics, standards-based assessment)

  • Provide knowledge and skills that foster collaborative work
    (e.g. team roles, group formation, listening, effective decision making, constructive feedback)

  • Prepare educators through modeling how to understand and appreciate all students, create safe, orderly, and supportive learning environments, and hold high expectations for academic achievement.

These criteria are based on the following assumptions:

  • Professional development that is extended over time is more likely to deepen teachers’ knowledge and to meet intended goals.

  • A supportive, respectful, and trusting climate enhances successful implementation of desired change.

  • Successful professional development provides opportunities for teachers to experience and acquire formative classroom assessment techniques; this specific and timely feedback is imperative to improved performance.

  • Because it is natural for teachers to teach as they themselves are taught, it is imperative that the instructional methods used with educators be congruent to the greatest extent possible with those they are expected to use in their classroom.

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