Public Relations
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Email Templates and Signatures

The appearance of your email is important to the images you portray about yourself and Hawkeye.

Tips for Email Templates

  • Use a simple font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Decorative fonts can be hard to read. Some computers may not have the same fonts and messages may appear scrambled or be missing information.

  • Use black font color for easy reading.

  • Do not use background colors or images. These make emails hard to read and they count towards email storage space. While backgrounds maybe work in Microsoft Outlook, they may not be compatible with other email programs or services.

  • Do not use images or animated graphics that aren't relevant to the message. These items distract from the message and count towards email storage space.

Email Signatures

  • Information in your signature should only be your work contact information.

  • Do not include images in signatures, unless it is an approved Hawkeye logo. Logos should be placed below the main signature information.

  • Additional items, such as quotes, should be relevant to Hawkeye's mission. These items should be placed below the main signature information.

Example Email Signature

Jane Smith
Hawkeye Community College
319-296-2329 ext.7777

Public Relations
and Marketing

Hawkeye Center 222
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