Graduating Students

Completing the Graduation Application

Quick Tips

your diploma

There is a $15.00 charge to reprint your diploma.

The information on your graduation application will be used to print and mail your diploma. Check and double check the information for accuracy.

Name changes

Your name will appear on your diploma exactly as shown in the Name on diploma field on the graduation application. If you will be changing your name before graduation, take that into consideration when completing this field.

You will also need to do a formal name change with the Student Records and Registration office when your name officially changes to update your student record.

Address changes

If you change your address on the graduation application, it does not change the address on your student record. The address on your student record can be changed in My Hawkeye or by contacting the Student Records and Registration office.

On the same note, if you change the address on your student record after you have completed your graduation application, contact the Student Records and Registration office to make the change on your graduation application.

Commencement date

The commencement date should be entered in MMDDYY format: 05/13/16

Program completion date This is not a required field. It is only required if you complete your program prior to the end of the graduating term.

Step-by-Step Instructions To Complete Your Graduation Application

  1. Log-in to My Hawkeye.

  2. Go to the WebAdvisor > Self-Service Menu > WebAdvisor for Students menu on the right side of your screen and select “Academic Profile”.  

  3. Under the Academic Profile menu, click on "My Profile”.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to check your active program(s). This step will ensure that the program from which you want to apply to graduate is an active option to choose when you get to the graduation application.

    1. If you are applying for a program that is not displayed on this screen, please call the Records and Registration office to have your program activated.

    2. If your program is an active option, please click the “OK” button to return to the My Hawkeye homepage and continue to step 5.


  5. To ensure you meet your graduation requirements, it is recommended that you run a Program Evaluation/Degree Audit.

    In the My WebAdvisor menu, now located on the left side of your screen, click on WebAdvisor for Students then select “Academic Planning” then “Program Evaluation/Degree Audit.

  6. After running your program evaluation/degree audit and verifying your program status is pending (anticipated complete), select “Academic Planning” then “Graduation Application and Survey.”

  7. An information screen about the Graduation Exit Survey will open. Read the information on the screen and then click on the link that says “TO TAKE THE SURVEY AND COMPLETE A GRADUATION APPLICATION, CLICK HERE.”

  8. The "Graduation Exit Survey" will open. Please allow approximately 10 minutes to complete the process.

    You must complete both the Graduate Exit Survey and the Graduation Application in a single session at the same computer in order to have your application accepted.

    You will be required to fill out the Graduation Exit Survey for each program for which you apply to graduate.

    After you are finished answering the questions, click Finish.

  9. Once you have completed the Graduation Exit Survey, you will be taken directly to the My Hometown page.

    Log-in using your Hawkeye username and password and click the "Log In" button (hitting the enter key will not work).

    If you have trouble logging in to this section, you should contact the CIS Helpdesk.


  10. Complete the My Hometown form and click the "Submit Hometown Info" button.

  11. Once you have completed the My Hometown form you should get a confirmation page.

    You will then be redirected back to the Application for Graduation. You may need to log-in to My Hawkeye again, but once you are logged in, the Application for Graduation page will re-open.

  12. Only the active program(s) you are enrolled in will appear on this screen. Put a check mark in the field "Choose One" next to the program you want to graduate from, and click the "SUBMIT" button.


  13. Read the Application for Graduation instructions carefully as it contains specific information you will need to fill out the application.

  14. As you complete the Application for Graduation, some fields will automatically populate. Check to make sure everything is accurate.

    The information on your graduation application is used to print and mail your diploma. Take special note of the Name on diploma and address fields.

    If your diploma needs to be reprinted there will be a $15.00 charge to reprint a replacement diploma.

  15. In the “Anticipated Graduation Term” field, use the drop down arrow to choose the appropriate term.

    • You will be a spring graduate if you are taking spring course(s) or a December Minimester to complete your program requirements.

    • You will be a summer graduate if you are taking summer course(s) or a May or August Minimester to complete your program requirements.

    • You will be a fall graduate if you are taking fall course(s) to complete your program requirements.

  16. The "Commencement Date" field should be entered in the format MM/DD/YY. Enter "05/12/17"

  17. The “Program Completion Date” is only a required field if you will complete your program requirements prior to the end of your graduating term.

    You will need to enter the end date of your final class meeting program requirements in the “Program Completion Date” field.

    For example, if you selected to graduate in the spring and your last class meeting program requirements ends on March 3, 2017, you would enter “030317.”

    Please be aware, if you meet program requirements prior to the end of the semester and fail to enter the correct “Program Completion Date”, this will result in your degree being printed with an incorrect date. Once we have printed your degree with the date you have specified, there will be a $15.00 charge to reprint a replacement degree with the correct “Program Completion Date.” This may cause a delay in receipt of your degree.

  18. Type your Hawkeye email address in the “Email Address” field. A confirmation email will be sent to this confirming your submission of the graduation application.

  19. Click “SUBMIT” when you are finished completing the Application for Graduation.

  20. Click “OK” then log-out of My Hawkeye by clicking the "Log Out" button.

  21. When you are finished completing the graduation application, you will receive confirmation stating, "Your request has been submitted and will be processed by the Records office. Thank you. You will receive an email to your Hawkeye email account from the Records office concerning the status of your graduation application. If you do not receive this email within 30 days of submitting your graduation application, it is your responsibility to contact the Records Evaluator in the Records office.

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