UNI Residence Halls

Any Hawkeye student can experience college life in the UNI residence halls. With UNI being only about a 12 mile, 20 minute drive or bus ride from Hawkeye this is an ideal option if you plan to transfer to UNI after completing your course work at Hawkeye.

The package includes housing, utilities, and a meal plan; plus convenient access to:

  • academic advising
  • athletic events *
  • cable television
  • campus security
  • career center
  • computer lab *
  • high speed Internet
  • phone services
  • laundry facilities
  • parking *
  • Rod Library *
  • Wellness Center *

* additional fee

Housing rates and more information

UNI Campus Crime Statistics


If you know who you would like to live with, you can specify them on your housing contract through UNI's Department of Residence.

If you are looking for a roommate, UNI's Department of Residence offers a service called Panther Picks. This online service allows you to create an online profile about yourself and your preferences for a roommate. You can then browse the system to find a roommate who indicated similar preferences.

Please contact the UNI Department of Residence for more information about this service.

Hawkeye does not endorse any specific property listed. You are responsible to inspect the property and Hawkeye disclaims any responsibility for, but not limited to, the condition of any premise, terms or any lease of any landlord, or compliance with any applicable zoning ordinances.

Hawkeye Housing Liaison

Student Life
Brock Student Center
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UNI Residence Halls

Director of Residence Life

Nicholas Rafanello
Department of Residence
Redeker Center - Lower Level


UNI Emergency and Safety

UNI Police: 319-273-4000
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