Military and Veterans

Called to Active Duty

Note: This policy is for students and spouses of service members called to active duty during the semester.

Students or the spouse of the service member must submit a copy of the activation orders in order to be considered for the policy.

The date the service member is ordered to active duty will be the date used for the policy.

Students or the spouse of the service member that are called to active duty prior to the 2/3 point in their classes: Students will be given a grade of “W” and a full refund of tuition and mandatory fees.

Students or spouses of service members that are called to active duty after the 2/3 point in their classes: Students will have the choice of receiving the grade they are currently earning based on all work due at the time of activation or a “W” for either individual enrolled courses or all enrolled courses. If students choose to receive the grade, tuition and fees will not be refunded. If they choose to receive a “W”, a full refund of tuition and mandatory fees will be granted.

Students will still be responsible for any course fees or tools that were purchased and not returned.

Students with financial aid will have the return calculation done the later of the activation date or the last date of an academically related activity.

If the financial aid return calculation requires that financial aid funds be returned to the Department of Education and the student has received a credit balance check, the student will be responsible for repaying Hawkeye Community College.

For students owing a balance as a result of returning financial aid, the Business Office will make payment arrangements with the students. They will not be turned over for collection and they will not be stopped from registering in subsequent terms upon their return as long as payment arrangements were made.

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