Financial Aid Award and Disbursement

Your Financial Aid Award

Once our office has processed your paperwork and your financial aid file is complete, we will send you an email to your Hawkeye email address notifying you that your financial aid award is ready to be viewed in My Hawkeye > My WebAdvisor > WebAdvisor for Students > Financial Aid > Financial Aid Award Letter. This is your official notification of your financial aid award at Hawkeye Community College.

If you do not have an award showing in My Hawkeye > My WebAdvisor > WebAdvisor for Students > Financial Aid > Financial Aid Award Letter, please check My Hawkeye > My WebAdvisor > WebAdvisor for Students > Communication > My Documents to see if we need any additional information from you to process your financial aid file.

Your financial aid award will tell you what funds you qualify for based on your FAFSA application, as well as funds from other sources. However, your financial aid award is not a commitment of funds or a binding contract and is subject to change.

Always check My Hawkeye > My WebAdvisor > WebAdvisor for Students > Financial Aid > Financial Aid Award Letter for the most updated award letter to use as a reference whenever you have questions about your financial aid package and to provide to agencies that may ask for your summary of awards being received.

You have the right to expect equitable treatment in the awarding of financial aid.

Enrollment Level

The amount of your financial aid award depends on your enrollment level. The initial award done prior to June 30 is based on full time, full year enrollment. If your enrollment level will not be full time or full year, your award will be adjusted. The amount will vary depending on full-time (12 or more credit hours); three-quarter time (9-11 credit hours); half-time (6-8 credit hours); or less than half-time status (1-5 credit hours). You will only receive a financial aid disbursement for classes that you are registered for and reported as attending.

For planning purposes, if you are registered for 9-11 credit hours, your grant aid will be 3/4 of you full-time amount. If you are registered for 6-8 credit hours, your grant aid will be 1/2 of the full-time amount. And if you are registered for less than 6 credit hours, your grant aid will be approximately 1/4 of the total award. Loans are normally not prorated for part-time enrollment, but you must be in a minimum of 6 credit hours to be loan eligible.

Any change in credit hours could affect your financial aid award even after accepting your awards. It is your responsibility to contact the Financial Aid office prior to changing your enrollment status. Notification prior to the beginning of the term will facilitate proper disbursement of your financial aid.

If at any time, before or during the semester, your enrollment status changes (you add or drop a course), please contact the Financial Aid office immediately. Changes in enrollment may cause adjustments to your financial aid award. View reasons your financial aid award may be adjusted.

After the first fourteen calendar days of each semester, attendance will be taken. Your enrollment for financial aid is locked at that point. After the lock date, your grants will not be adjusted as a result of any changes in your enrollment. This includes the addition of late start classes. You must be reported as attending each class you register for in order for the class to be counted for financial aid purposes.

Scholarships, sponsorships, and other sources of outside funding

If you will be receiving funding from outside sources (including outside scholarships or sponsorships that were not included in your award letter) or the amount of funding you will receive has changed, you need to notify our office as soon as possible. These additional funds need to be included in your total financial aid award as required by federal law.

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