Work-Study Handbook

Break, Rest, and Meal Period Guidelines

Break, rest, and meal periods are provided to increase productivity and reduce fatigue and the risk of injury. During your break and meal period you will be relieved of your work duties and are free to leave your assigned work area.

Breaks are usually 15 minutes long and meal periods are usually 30 minutes long.

Breaks and meal periods are not paid and are not considered time worked.

Rest periods are given at the discretion or your supervisor. Rest periods are generally five minutes in length, are paid, and do not need to be entered on your time sheet.

Recording Your Breaks on Your Web Time Entry Timesheet

You will need to record your breaks and meal periods on your timesheet if you work a shift that is:

  • six or seven consecutive hours: you must take at least one 15 minute unpaid break during that shift.

  • eight consecutive hours: you must take a 30 minute unpaid meal period during that shift.

  • four or five consecutive hours: your supervisor may give you one 15 minute unpaid break, but it is not required.


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