Work-Study Handbook

Disciplinary Action

Expectations of student employee behavior should be discussed and agreed upon at the beginning of your work-study experience.

Each supervisor is responsible for discussing the particular expectations with you and we advise supervisors to have you sign an expectation sheet.

If you do not meet the agreed upon expectations of the position, disciplinary action procedures will be followed at the supervisor’s discretion. It needs to be very well documented and the date(s) on which the action(s) took place is to be recorded as well as copies of any written correspondence.

Some common examples of behavior that would not meet expectations and may cause disciplinary action include:

  • Not showing up for work and not calling in.
  • Showing up late for scheduled work times.
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing in the workplace.
  • Using work time for activities other than work-related duties.
  • Breaching confidentiality rules.
  • Not meeting Web Time Entry deadlines.

Any student who is not performing satisfactorily may be placed on probation, suspension, or terminated from the Work-Study Program.


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