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Multicultural Student Organization

The Multicultural Student Organization (MSO) was created to be a platform for students to focus on diversity issues that shape our world.

Our focus is to help promote positive diversity relationships on campus while impacting the campus environment for all students regardless of physical and spiritual differences.

The Multicultural Student Organization is open to all Hawkeye students striving to make a positive difference in the lives of minority students on and off campus. Through activities, cultural awareness discussions, and goodwill to the community, the Multicultural Student Organization will advocate for change and progress on campus and in the community.


  • Be positive role models for the campus community.

  • Be interactive with school children of all ages.

  • Provide a positive link for incoming students.

  • Increase the GPA and retention rates on campus.

  • Provide awareness on campus to the many challenges minority college students are facing.

  • Energize the student body by providing a forum for students to exercise their voice.

  • Be involved in the community through civic participation.


  • Black History Programs
  • Can Food Drives
  • Clothing Food Drives
  • Cultural Trips
  • Day of the Dead
  • Diversity Film Series
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Programs
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Programs
  • Voter Registration
  • Women History Programs


Membership is free and open to all Hawkeye Community College students.


Shane Blackledge
Program of Study: Liberal Arts

I’m interested in cultural awareness and the importance of unity in our communities!

Interesting Fact: I build and remodel houses, especially those damaged in natural disasters.

Vice President
Toby Ojeda
Program of Study: Graphic Communications

I believe that you can’t be a leader unless you learn to serve first. Being a part of Multicultural Student Organization has helped me to grow not only as a person, but as a leader. I want to serve my community and set a good example for my family, my community, and world. My goal is to use my gift of art and my heart for diversity to help unify different cultures.

Interesting Fact: I teach art and do volunteer work in the community.

Sean Keahna Jr.
Program of Study: Liberal Arts

I came to the Multicultural Student Organization on a referral from a friend. Once I met the students and learned about the organization I am glad to be a part and to promote diversity on campus.

Interesting Fact: I am a Native American Fancy Feather Dancer from the Meskwaki Tribe. I was born in Chicago and raised in Iowa.

Victoria Jaime
Program of Study: Nursing

I am involved with the Multicultural Student Organization because I like to meet new people and learn about different cultures. I am also Hispanic and I would like for others to learn more about my culture.

Interesting Fact: I am the oldest of six siblings.

Marnie Hennings
Programs of Study: Education

I took a diversity class and it made me realize what diversity really is and how it impacts all parts of society. Also, in my education classes I've learned how important understanding diversity in the classroom. I definitely want to learn more.

Interesting Fact: I come from a family of nine. Five of the seven kids are adopted, including me.

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