Start a Club or Organization

General Club/Organization Requirements

Clubs/organizations recognized at Hawkeye must:

  • Not duplicate the purpose of an existing Hawkeye club/organization.

  • Fill a need not presently being met by another Hawkeye club/organization.

  • Be able to financially support themselves beyond the assistance of the Student Leadership Council.

  • Establish a club/organization account with the Business Services office.

  • Have a minimum of five student members in good academic and financial standing with Hawkeye.

  • Have open membership to all Hawkeye students.

  • Have elected officers and duly approved constitution and bylaws.

  • Have at least one faculty or administrative advisor who is currently an employee at Hawkeye.

  • Approved by the Student Leadership Council and Student Life office. These bodies retain the right to deny recognition.

  • Be in the best interest of the students’ educational, personal, and social development.

  • Comply with all regulations of Hawkeye, including the student handbook.

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