Recreation Center

Equipment Checkout

Recreational equipment is available for check out at the front desk. Members are eligible to use this service upon the presentation of their Hawkeye Card ID.

At that time, the member will be given the equipment and a Health Education and Services Center only card allowing them access to the locker room.

After the Health Education and Services Center card and equipment is returned to the front desk, the member's Hawkeye Card ID will be returned to them.

Equipment may be used inside or outside the Health Education and Services Center facility.

Late, Damaged, and Lost Equipment Fee

A replacement charge will be assessed for lost or damaged equipment. Failure to pay this fine will result in a charge assessed to the user’s college account. If a sponsored adult fails to return equipment, the fee will be placed on the sponsoring Hawkeye employee’s account.

Removal of equipment without consent of Health Education and Services Center staff from the facility or designated grounds is not permitted.

Minimum fine $50.00.

Hawkeye participates in the State of Iowa Offset Program operated by the Iowa Department of Administrative Service, commonly referred to as the "DAS Offset Program." Outstanding balances will be submitted to this Offset Program.


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