Virtual Hospital

Virtual Hospital

The Virtual Hospital and simulation labs allow Hawkeye to train students and healthcare professionals using state-of-the-art technology unique to the Midwest. These new cutting-edge labs replicate a broad range of hospital settings from emergency room, intensive care, labor and delivery, exam rooms, and patient scenarios in a controlled environment.

Students in Hawkeye's Health programs use the Virtual Hospital for hands-on instruction and learning. They are able to manage patients’ care from start to finish and can learn from their mistakes without consequences - which one cannot afford in the clinical setting with real patients.

Technology Highlights

The Virtual Hospital includes realistic full-body manikins or simulators that cover a lifespan to support life-like simulation and equipment used in today’s medical facilities preparing students for a career in healthcare.

Hawkeye has more than 18 simulators that offer a range of abilities and stages of life including birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and all stages of adulthood.

Hawkeye’s simulators exhibit vital signs, clinical signs and symptoms. The simulators are controlled behind the scenes by computers running patient care scenarios and patient care results are displayed on the monitor near the patient's bedside.

Community Need

The Virtual Hospital will help meet the demands of a career field that is expected to see a growth of 26 percent in the next 10 years. Employment growth will be driven by the increased demand for healthcare services as our population ages and with new medical advancements and treatments.

In the News

11/14/2012 — Virtual health care on display at Hawkeye Comm. College --- Hawkeye held an open house to show off its new virtual hospital and patient simulators.

11/13/2012 — Virtual Hospital helps students get hands-on experience - News